The Madhya Pradesh in central India boasts hilly terrain, plateau, rivers and forest cover. It is the best place to take a tour for nature lovers, history, adventure seekers and see its cultural heritage. The Madhya Pradesh (MP) is a tourist-friendly place in India.

Madhya Pradesh tourism is the best to take in-between July to March. These are the favorable cool season to tour MP.

  1.       Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

You must not miss this ancient temple once in your Madhya Pradesh tour. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is popular for its Linga carved on a marble stone. This temple is ones of the most unique one among the Khajuraho temples. You can see inch by inch details on stone art. There are many miniature works related to the Lord Shiva’s abode, the Mount Kailash in this temple.

  1.       Bee Falls

This is a natural waterfall in Pachmarhi, MP. It will be like a natural trail to reach this waterfall. It is in a lush greenery place and soothes your eyes. You can take a bath in its cascade. You will reach this waterfall by mild trekking through rolling hills. It is the best place for photography in MP.  

  1.       Panna National Park

This is a tiger reserve in Chhatarpur, MP. This is the best place to take a forest safari on a jeep. You can see the wild in its natural state in this forest. It is advisable to come in a group or with your family. The children will enjoy the most to see the tigers, boar, and sambar within their proximity. You can see the spectacular Pandava waterfalls inside this forest cover.

  1.       Bhedaghat

This is a natural gorge formed by the Narmada River in Jabalpur, MP. It is a great place for the adventure seekers. You can boat in the gorge waters. The monsoon time July to November is the best time to visit this nature’s wonder in Madhya Pradesh. These Ghats are known for its marble rocks. You can take a ride in the cable car, which passes over this splendid gorge formation in Madhya Pradesh.

  1.       Rani Roopmati’s Pavilion

This is the only place to see the beauty of the flowing Narmada River in Dhar, MP. It is a classic pavilion, which was an erstwhile romance place for the royal lady named Roopmati. However, it stood vigil towards the river and its banks. This pavilion has two watchtowers. You can see the Narmada River in a long stretch.

  1.       Mahadeo Hills  

This is the only place to trek on Satpura Ranges present in Madhya Pradesh. This is an adventures place to trek which you can see the deep gorge and valleys. The highest peak of Madhya Pradesh is present this mountain ranges of central India.  

  1.       Baz Bahadur’s Palace

This is a beautiful palace to see in your Madhya Pradesh tour in Mandav. The King Baz Bahadur built this palace 400 years ago for his court lady singer. This palace is built on Rajasthani and Mughal architectural pattern. You can find a pond in the center of this palace, which keeps the indoors in the palace in cool temperature.

  1.       Ajaygarh Fort

This is a different fort, where you can find many miniature works on the fort bastions. You will be mesmerized to see its stone carving on this entire fort. You can see the Vindhya ranges and the stretch of Ken River from this fort top place.

  1.       Beni Sagar Dam

This is an 8 km wide dam built across the Khuddar River flowing in Chhatarpur, MP. You can find this dam as sea during the monsoon season. The view of sunrise and sunset is a natural scenic attraction of this dam. This dam is present in lush greenery surroundings of the Pahadi Hirajoo. This is the best place to relax during the summer season.

  1.   Pandav Caves

These five caves present in a lush green garden have many legends. These are natural caves, where the mythic warriors the Pandavas stayed once in their exile. This is also the caves for the Buddhist monks for meditation. However, these caves are present here from Vedic Era.

Madhya Pradesh tourism is the best to book an all-inclusive package. A weeklong tour is preferable to see the above-mentioned 10 places to visit in MP tour.

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