Jaipur also known as the Pink city is one of the most beautiful place in India to visit. Here are some Instagrams shots which will make you fall in love with the city.

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  1. Klipdrifters 1 year ago

    Rajasthan, and Jaipur is a travel dream for us. Looking at these pictures of Jaipur makes me fall in love with the city even more and has awoken some serious India travel wanderlust!

  2. Ajay Sood 1 year ago

    Jaipur is one of my favourite destinations! As a travel photographer myself, I just wish some of these images weren’t so over-processed!

  3. Waw, Jaipur looks amazing!! Can’t wait to go there with my own camera!

  4. shobha 1 year ago

    such a pretty city! it was one of our favourites when we visited India.

  5. Rob 1 year ago

    I was already in love with Jaipur and all of Rajasthan. What amazing shots though!

  6. Ami 1 year ago

    Beautiful pictures indeed. Jaipur is so culturally rich and fun to visit. Definitely one of the top destinations of India

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