Childhood memories are the one which always makes us laugh and takes away all the tension and pressure of the life. One such memory is about train journey. There used to be lot of questions and confusions but all used to be fun. Paper Boat has again made those wonderful memory live with their new campaign.

Here are some of the best illustrations and examples:

1. Pestering the Parents for change to check the weight

Paper-Boat train-1

2. Ceiling TV on Station

Paper-Boat train-2

3. This was one of my favorite 🙂

Paper-Boat train-3

4. Smell of Home food

Paper-Boat train-45. Ever Tried?

Paper-Boat train-5

6. Snacking through clouds of mist

Paper-Boat train-6

7. Our movable Dining Table in Train

Paper-Boat train-7

8. Exit/Emergency window used to be always best

Paper-Boat train-8

9. How many of you have brought Chacha Chaudhary

Paper-Boat train-9

10. The Best Alarm Clock

Paper-Boat train-10

and many more…..

Paper-Boat train-11

Paper-Boat train-12

Paper-Boat train-13

Paper-Boat train-14

Paper-Boat train-15

So among the above which is your favorite memory of your childhood train journey?? Share with me in the comment section 🙂

Image Credit : Paper Boat

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