If you are a business owner, chances are that you have sent some of your workers on business trips or that you went on some of them, yourself. If you did, then you probably know that business traveling is nothing like going on a vacation. On a business trip, there is far less free time and everything needs to be perfectly planned and organized.

With that said, business traveling is not that hard after all. There are some useful tips and tricks that will help you keep your expenses to a minimum and prepare you for any situation that might come up. We have decided to cover four essential things you should keep in mind if you want to have a successful business trip.

4 Tips for Business Traveling BeginnersBook and plan everything in advance

Business traveling requires a lot more preparation than going on a vacation. For example, if you are packing for your business trip, the weather should not be a deciding factor. Instead, you should pack clothes that are appropriate for business meetings and events you are attending. Always keep in mind what the dress code is going to be at these events, so you can dress accordingly.

When it comes to booking flights and hotels your number one concern should be the time. In the business world, time is more important than money and if you waste time on flights, then you are practically losing money. We know that cheaper flights might seem appealing, but if you lose one working day because of them, then they are not worth it. The same goes for hotels. If you book a room in a hotel that is one hour ride from your meetings that time will be wasted. In almost all cases it is better to pay a few extra dollars to be in a hotel that is in reasonable distance from events and meeting you will be attending.

4 Tips for Business Traveling BeginnersAlways be prepared for delays

Even with the best preparation and planning, something is bound to go wrong, and your flight might get canceled, you might have problems with hotel check-in, you might get in a traffic jam, etc. But don’t stress out too much. Instead, always be prepared for these situations and immediately look for solutions.

For delayed or canceled flights you can’t do much other than book another one, but you can install the application on your smartphone that will alert you when this happens so you can re-book immediately. You should have backup plans for all your activities, just in case something goes wrong.

4 Tips for Business Traveling BeginnersLook for alternative transportation

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a business trip for all your employees or just a couple of them, you should consider other means of transportation like cars, buses, etc. For shorter trips, it is often better to rent a car, bus or even a van than to book a flight. When flying, you don’t have control over anything, so if a delay or cancellation happens, you won’t be able to make up the time.

However, by renting a bus for your employees you can make your own schedule and make sure that nobody is late for their meetings. Companies like Canberra coaches has a wide selection of vehicles ranging from small 26-seaters to large 71-seaters. Canberra buses are equipped with all necessary features so every trip, short and long, will be comfortable.

4 Tips for Business Traveling BeginnersKeep track of everything

When on a business trip it is very important to keep track of your every expense so you can get reimbursed after. A lot of companies have strict rules about expense reports so be careful with your receipts and don’t lose them or you might end up paying for your whole trip.

That brings our list to an end. As you can see, if you plan the whole trip in advance, it will be a piece of cake. Just remember to have backup plans for your flights, bring appropriate clothing and of course come prepared for your meetings so you can impress your clients and managers.

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  1. Joan Katrina Cruz 2 years ago

    I think these tips are really simple but useful. Especially the one pertaining to delays. I have many travels where delays really put me in a pickle and I think it makes a difference to make room for them.

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