New Zealand is a lace that is one many peoples’ travel bucket lists and for good reason – it’s beautiful. But, if you only have a week or two to travel in New Zealand and you love mountains, lakes, snow, farms, and hiking then the South Island of New Zealand is where you should consider spending much of your time.

I have spent 6 months living and traveling the South Island of New Zealand and I absolutely love it! While you could literally spend years exploring every corner of the island, if you have limited time you can still see most of the highlights as the distances between places are not so far!

In this blog, I’m going to reveal some of reasons you should definitely head to New Zealand’s South Island (including some of the best places to go!)

  1. Mountains, mountains and more mountains!

There are some very gorgeous mountains to explore in New Zealand’s South Island. Ranges such as the Remarkables or Cardrona not only make for beautiful mountains to look at but ski fields actually exist on them making for a fun winter activity!

Mount Cook National Park is one of my personal favorite places in New Zealand. The tallest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook, sits on the edge of Hooker Valley lake and makes for an incredible photo opportunity!

The number of mountains to climb, ski on, or just check out are literally endless! If you want to see mountains (and snow in the winter) then the South Island is the place to go!


  1. Adrenaline Activities

Although picturesque and quaint, the town of Queenstown offers some extreme activities for you to try that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. Queenstown is considered the “adventure capital of New Zealand” simply because of all of the crazy things to do there. There are several bungy jump locations, sky diving, para-gliding, para-sailing, jet boating, white water rafting, kayaking, river-boarding, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, and a lot more that I have probably forgot! Queenstown is any adrenaline junkies’ paradise!

  1. Milford Sound

Known as the “8th Wonder of the World” Milford Sound alone is enough of a reason to check out the South Island of New Zealand. This area showcases cliffs hundreds of meters tall towering out of the water, hundreds of waterfalls, wildlife such as seals and birds. You can do a scenic flight over Milford Sound or join one of the many Milford Sound boat cruises. There are walking trails and kayaking trips as well, but no matter how you decide to check out Milford Sound one thing is for sure – it will be beautiful!

  1. Stunning road trips

The South Island isn’t very large, making it an ideal place to drive from place to place. Along the way though you will be in awe of the ever-changing landscapes. There are signs along most of the main roads with directions to get places to stop but you are sure to find your own places to pull over just to enjoy the view. The most popular way to explore the South Island is on a road trip because it is just that pretty!

  1. Photography

If you want some incredible photos to last a lifetime New Zealand is sure to impress. Some of the sights I have seen while exploring the South Island photograph so well they look like they come straight out of the pages of a magazine. For this reason, many famous photographers come to the South Island. But you don’t need to be a professional to get great shots, the scenery is just so breathtaking that getting a good photo is almost guaranteed!


Overall, the South Island of New Zealand is a very special place that stole my heart and is sure to also steal yours!


-Bailey Busslinger

Bailey currently is living and travelling in New Zealand. She plans on spending a few more months here before moving on to a new adventure! Bailey. Alongside her partner Daniel, are travelling the world endlessly always seeking out a new adventure or culture to learn about. You can follow Bailey and Daniel on their travel blog, Destinationless Travel!


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