India is a country with aboundant natural resources like Mountain, Forest, Valleys and Lakes. Here we will be showcasing few of the Lakes in India whoes beauty you will enjoy not only by seeing but also by drinking the purest of water from it. These lakes are mesmering and so picture perfect that you will not be able to resist yourself from visiting them and also the magnificient view of the mirror like reflection and the rippples it creates when in motion

1. Gurudongmar lake, Sikkim
It is the Highest lake in the world Situated at an altitude of 17800 ft. and it is the ”Blessing of Nature”. Situated in the Heart of the Gingatic Himalays this lake is too beautifut to resist and not only the Lake but also the experience of getting to it will thrill you….


2. Suraj Taal, Himachal Pradesh
The name in itself means “lake of Sun God” It lies in the valley of Himalaya and is third Highest lake in India. the water is so crystal clear some time during the year that you can even see the stone and bolders which lies in the bed of the river. and this is very much accessible through NH21.


3. Pangong Tso Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
Remember the fascinating lake in 3 Idiots inthe last scene of the movie. Yes, you are guessing it right it is the same Lake which was so appealing that you might have definately thought to visit this place while watching the movie. So, now you know it. so, why not plan it now.


4. Tso Moriri Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
Mountains, Blue water, Chilling winds and Full of Peace, it is the most Mesmerising lake as it is surrounded by Mountains from all the sides and extreemly picture perfect.


5. Chembra Lake (Heart Lake), Kerala
The only and one of its kind, “The Heart Saped Lake” also Know as Chembra Peak Heart Lake. There is a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of the peak, which is believed to have never dried up and the lake is so enchanting that you will always love to visit here with your loved once to celebrate your love and feel the bliss of love in the air.


6. Avalanche Lake, Tamil Nadu
Mind boggling scenic beauty, Location of Avalanche is beautiful and its inside forest. Worth visiting place. Avalanche lake is the best place in and around ooty for site seeing and relaxing. You will enjoy the raw wonderful nature. Small waterfalls falling down from the encircling mountains creates a picture perfect ambience. The surrounding forests are so dense that even sunlight cannot penetrate through them.


7. Chandrataal Lake, Himachal Pradesh
As they say, it’s glacial, so of course it’s gorgeous! Peaceful and sublime, the ever changing hues of the incredibly clear waters of Chandra Taal will inspire you to just sit there and lake-gaze.

The view of all the above lakes are breath taking and it is so beautiful that one feels like spending an eternity here. So why still reading , go get there and enjoy!!

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  1. Mohit Agarwal 2 years ago

    Covered two of them many more to go

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