Most people enjoy travel in good company. However, a good number prefer to go solo. There’s something about that addictive and euphoric feeling of being alone in a crowd. It can be heady to take in all the sights and cultural experiences free from the influence of a companion. It is an excellent opportunity to indulge yourself and try new things.


Here are a few tips to make your solo travel adventures memorable.

  1. Safety

Research about travel, transport and accommodation costs in advance. Opt for 24-hour operators. Walk in open public spaces and keep a copy of all your travel documents. Inject some confidence, purpose and good judgment into your interactions. Blend into the local crowds. Let someone close know where you will be.

Plan your accommodation and maintain a good rapport with the service staff. Take extra precautions to build your confidence. For example, register with your embassy, carry the business card of your hotel, and carry cash and plastic in different locations.

  1. Plan the trip

Preparation helps you avoid unpleasant surprises. Review your itinerary and do some research to learn about the timelines, costs, and highlights of each activity. It also enables you to create a checklist of items to carry on the trip.

  1. Pack light

This includes absolute necessities depending on the duration and location. You want the flexibility to change plans at short notice. Pick essential packing tips and aim for carry-on luggage only. It’s a drag sorting through multiple bags at airports alone.

  1. Unplug

Seek to treasure the nostalgic feeling of missing socials and social media. Switch off all your channels including devices and mainstream news media. Focus on the local perspective and your immediate surroundings. It helps you reset and rejuvenate faster.

  1. Pay attention to the local scene

Research the local cultures including language and first interactions. Talk to the cab driver and the bellhop to get a feel of what’s happening around you. Learn a few courteous phrases and know the expected etiquette especially in public places and social events.

  1. Avoid the single tag

Travel and hospitality agencies make profits off every additional visitor. This may increase the cost of a single ticket. Use operators with services such as roommate matching, per-bed charges, and single supplement waivers. Enquire about a single stateroom on a cruise. Refer to friends you are traveling with in conversations with locals.

  1. Put some thought into your dining

The terror at the table for one is real. Plan where to eat. Strike up a conversation with the service staff. Find a seat at a booth, at the counter or the bar, away from the large tables. Identify appropriate outdoor sitting and keep yourself busy with reading materials. A book, a tablet or a magazine is socially acceptable.

Solo travel puts you in charge of your destination. You decide where to go, what to do, when and how without fear or consultation. There are numerous perks to traveling abroad alone.

About the author

Ian Leaf is a fashion expert. He is also a professional photographer, an artist, author, and blogger. Ian Leaf has traveled extensively in Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland documenting precious memories along the way. He has written several books among them, “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home.”

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