Who are we !!

Small Budget Big Trips is a online community based platform for all the travel lovers. One of the main aim of the platform is to bridge the gap between the travel bloggers and travelers and at the same time providing the travel bloggers with more opportunities to showcase their work to the world. Here are the some of the main motives behind the creation of the Small Budget Big Trips.

Our Vision

  1. Bridge the Gap:To build a community for travel bloggers and travelers wherein they can interact with each other for all the travel related issues.
  1. Blogging Assistance:To build a community wherein each travel bloggers can get assistance from each other in their blogging related activities.
  1. Income Opportunities:To provide more income opportunities to travel bloggers in the market by providing regular updates on the travel related quiz and competitions all around the world and exploring other ideas.
  1. Brand Creation:To help travel bloggers to create a brand for themselves by not only showcasing their travel blogs and post but also by providing opportunities wherein they can personally interact with travelers.

For Travel Bloggers

  1. Providing wide opportunities and platform to the bloggers where they can show their work to the world.
  2. Providing platform where travel bloggers can interact with the travelers and show their talents.
  3. Providing regular updates on the travel related quiz and competitions wherein bloggers can participate and win.
  4. To provide discount coupons & deals of makemytrip, OYO Rooms and many more for each published post.

For Travelers

  1. To provide a platform where they can get best travel resource and advise from the travel bloggers.
  2. To post their travel related queries and get the best solution for the same.
  3. To get best travel deals and coupons for all the travel needs.

How to Join

You can join us by simply filling up a small registration form on our website or sign in by using your facebook login.

Link to Register: http://www.smallbudgetbigtrips.com/register/

Once register don’t forget to complete your profile details which will link users to your blog and social media page.

How to Submit Post

You can submit your post or photographs by clicking on link Submit Blog & Photo and link it your blog at the end.

If you have any post on Europe, you can include it in our collection on blog post on Europe “101 must visit place in Europe”

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