It was 1:00am by the time we reached Delhi from Hyderabad…so excited to start our journey to it was my first trip to north..For any South Indian a trip to north is no more less than visiting a paradise..Even though it was a longer journey from Delhi we chose to go by road..Finally after a long journey for about 12hrs we reached Nainital by 12:00pm..with a breakfast at kathgodam in a small hotel and visited the rail way station which was just beside..

At Nainital:

After reaching Nainital by passing small and numerous fresh water streams and the curvy roads..we were exhausted almost and we booked our rooms at parwathi homes and went to check out upstairs and I would rather mentions it as journey from from down to reach it took a walk of about 5 stair cases which was so tiring..

The rooms were good but not well maintained..finally we jumped on to the balcony to check out the view..and all our tiredness was lost in a moment by looking at the clouds which were coming towards us and the direct view of the Naini lake which was just below us..That view was blissful to anyone’s eyes to view at..

It started raining suddenly and we felt our whole plan would be spoiled and we went to sleep for sometime and then got freshen up and surprisingly the weather was absolutely lovely (may be for us ;)and went out and had some parathas and Maggie..Note: Food is the major problem to adjust for South Indians if u come here..and finally we visited to few places around and the taxis were provided by the hotel guy..they took us all around..

The main attractions we went for are places like 1)Land’s end and 2)Tiffin top..

First the Land’s end was a unexpected spot for us..we were on a random road looking around and enjoying the views and after stepping down a while we suddenly came across of complete end of the land and surrounded entirely by shiny white clouds and which was not enough for the eyes to look at and took a while to digest the beauty..I felt like jumping and swimming into those clouds and couldn’t get enough of the view..

Next we headed to tiffin top..which was at a height of 7800ft..

Wait…the best journey to reach the place which we chose was horse riding which was charged 800 per horse and trust me it was totally worth and that was so adventourous on the curvy Jim Corbett mountain roads and I was shit scared in the beginning and controlled my adrenaline rush and some how managed to maintain my position over the horse..

A person accompanied us and was talking all along so that we won’t be afraid of the journey..but the view was truly breath taking..we took a ride for about 10kms and reached tiffin top which was highest point and from there we could see entire surrounding cities and the mighty Himalayas And we were above the clouds and could clearly see the sunset turning down form the clouds..

Came down on the same way..and guess what we could see the highway to Delhi from the midst of clouds as a line of vehicle lights arrange in the clouds which was so special to watch at..After reaching down went to take a walk in the city around the lake and was wandering for food..finally found a Dominos outlet which was so relieving and had tummy full of food and by the way the return was walk was so painful as we have to climb the lanes which are so steep..

After reaching room had fun with playing cards and then slept off with next day plans.

DAY 2 @  Bhimtal:

Next day we started our way to bhimtal which was some 20kms from nainital and the lake here

was bigger and cleaner and less crowded..went for boating and there was a tiny aquarium at the middle of the river and had a few species of fishes and came back to the shore and we found a local food truck type named as Pizza bites and decided to have food over there..and the food was unexpectedly so yumm and was costed so less..and then we continued our journey..


From bhimtal we moved on to naukuchia taal at distance of 5kms and we found lot of sports and adventurous activities over there..Here also there was a lake and over which we had a rope ravelling and few other activities for kids..

The rope ravelling costed 200 per head and it was fun to do..there were to types of motions on the thread to and fro and ” jumping japong ” the special one 😉 the person who controls the ropes moves then rope up and down so we go into the water once and next high into the sky which was so much fun to do..

Finally had some nice tea and talks over there and had to return to hotel for return journey..

Once we visit mountains it’s hard to leave them and come back..Looking forward to visit other less crowded places in utharakhand especially in winters :):)

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