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Exploring the Dutch Countryside

By Our Itchy Travel Feet
If Amsterdam is on your minds then these day trips from Amsterdam is a must!!! A blog post on the beautiful villages nearby to Amsterdam…

Amsterdam..Venice of North !!

If one is planning to visit Amsterdam, I would suggest them to not only explore places within the city but also should plan to explore some outskirts of the city which are not only beautiful but will help to understand the history of the city and Holland more closely and clearly.

An Overview of Amsterdam for Every First Timer

By Bel Around the world
Amsterdam has a really small population of 800,000. Already the tourist numbers way surpass this population, at 3 million per year. Amsterdam’s city branding reminds me a lot of New York’s. You see “I Amsterdam” plastered on every imaginable souvenir item. There are 165 canals in Amsterdam alone!

A Weekend In Amsterdam

By Yoko Meshi
I visited Amsterdam just over one year ago now, in the March of 2015, it was still absolutely freezing and I think this was the reasoning behind my initial dislike to the city.You see, Amsterdam is very much an outdoors city, for a city with its own legal red light district it is still beautifully elegant..

48 Hours In Amsterdam: The Highlights

By Make time to see the world
A town most commonly known for its red light district and legal cannabis, any visit to Amsterdam’s beautiful streets and waterways will show it has so much more to offer. With a museum for just about everything and bikes and flowers at every turn, you quickly see beyond the many tacky souvenir shops desperate to reinforce the sex and drug stereotype.

Amsterdam: 10 of The Best Annual Events

By Spend Life Traveling
Amsterdam, capital of my home country of The Netherlands, is a very popular tourist destination. With its multi-cultural population, beautiful architecture and lovely canals, it’s a great city to just stroll around in. And with several world famous museums, lovely parks, great restaurants, good shopping and a wide selection of hotels it really has something to offer to everyone.

Amsterdam: Five Neighborhoods to Stay In, Eat In & Explore

By Wanderlustingk
I’ve been living in Amsterdam for a while now and I wanted to show others the Amsterdam that I love: neighborhoods full of regular people, great food, local haunts, and gezellig (cozy) cafes/bars.  Most people miss out on these when they visit Amsterdam as they stay in the centre, but I wrote about five neighborhoods worth seeing (or staying in) as well as my favorite sights/food/drinks in each area.


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