Atlas of Beauty : Collection of Female Diversity around the world !!

By hearing the word Atlas the first thing that comes to our mind is World Atlas that shows detail information about the world. bifurcating the world in terms of differnt countries or continent. telling about the different types of weather, soil, culture, natural resources. In short showing us the diversity of the world and breaking the world in terms of continents, countries, states, cities, etc.

To reverse this concept of differentiation, Mihaela Norc has came up with “Atlas of Beauty” documenting diversity in the world through the portraits of women she meets to show that diversity is something beautiful, not a reason for conflicts. Beauty can teach us tolerance. Through Her photography, She tries to capture the feeling of warmth and serenity that is so specific to women and comes to balance all the negativity we see in the world.

And since 2013, Quitting her well paid Job, Norc has been Travelling all around the world to capture the natural women surrounded by their culture. Their is a huge diversity in the looks, age, culture of each women in the photographs but in that diversity the warmth, femininity,Grace, motherhood, Love, Honesty in their eyes is all the same. Below are some beautiful pictures from the amazing and wonderful project The Atlas of Beauty:

Grandmother and granddaughter in Rostov, Russia.

Beautiful relationship between volunteers and refugees.

Izmir, Turkey

South Africa

Police Women in Pushkar, India


Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Market Seller at Tajikistan


Here is one short video on the project Atlas of Beauty which will really inspire you

Mihaela Noroc, she is the one behind this beautiful Project


To get more details on the project visit The Atlas of Beauty Official Website

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  1. Maria 12 months ago

    Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. All these women are absolutely stunning. They seem to glow from within, very unpretentious and down to earth.

  2. Tom 12 months ago

    Beauty is definitely in the eye of beholder, not what mainstream media portrays it to be!

  3. Lara Dunning 12 months ago

    What a great collection of photos to showcase our beauty and diversity.

  4. Anita 12 months ago

    Gorgeous pictures. Interesting project. Thanks for sharing!

  5. John M. 12 months ago

    Projects like this put a smile on my face, something I definitely need after this depressing week in the United States. With each step we take, there is another opportunity to discover beauty.

  6. Paula McInerney 12 months ago

    Such stunning photos and definitely all beautiful women. My eye was drawn to the police lady particularly.

  7. anto 12 months ago

    All of these women are gorgeous. Nationality, size or age never matters, true beauty show itself anyway regardless of any of this…

  8. Vyjay 12 months ago

    This is a wonderful concept. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the concept of beauty is relative too. Wonderful to see different shades of beauty from across the world.

  9. Grey World Nomads 12 months ago

    Norc did a very good job. What a beautiful ‘talking’ photographs. They capture the culture of the women and their pride perfectly.

  10. What gorgeous portraits and an interesting project. Beauty truly does come in many forms

  11. sabrina barbante 12 months ago

    I know this project and I really admire this woman! Thank you for re-proposing us these shots! The only thing that I don’t fully get of the work is the fact that these beauties are, in my very personal opinion, a bit stereotyped: no bit-of-fat woman, most of them (not all of them) were quite similar to catwalk models, just a bit unreal, maybe.
    By the way I really liked the project and the way it was done!

  12. Fiona 12 months ago

    what stunning photographs and what a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing

  13. Mar Pages 12 months ago

    Love the photo of the grandmother and her granddaughter, you can see bits of each in the other. A beautiful project!

  14. Drew 12 months ago

    That is a really inspiring photography project. To see the wide range of cultures and heritage in one collection, celebrating female diversity, is really beautiful.

  15. lily kate 12 months ago

    Oh wow I love this – it highlights so well how very different but similar we all are. It’s so true that a picture says a thousand words!
    lily kate x

  16. Leona 12 months ago

    What a great project and amazing photos, thanks for sharing this… I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  17. Bob 12 months ago

    Great photos and an interesting project.

  18. Amanda 12 months ago

    I love this project. It makes me proud to a woman of the world and I love that we are appreciating the beauty in all.

  19. Shoba 12 months ago

    Very interesting project you have. All the women are gorgeous!

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