Dubrovnik’s beaches  depict the Mediterranean as it once was. The city is lined with crystal clear rocky, pebble beaches. The warm temperatures and the clear waters makes these beaches an ideal place to swim during your vacation.

The most popular of the Dubrovnik public beaches are Banje , Lapad bay beaches and Buza beach.

The water temperature is 25 degree celcius which is very comfortable to swim in 🙂 .  We got a chance to visit the Banje beach, the Little Pile beach facing lovrijenac fortress and the Buza beach.

1.Little Pile beach


It is a small beach near the pile bus stop a few stairs down.It is a great place for a refreshing swim after walking in the old town. It has showers and changing rooms. There are some cute restaurants on the rocks adjacent to the beach to have drinks. The beach is flanked by the lovrijenac fortress and the Bokar fortress. It is not very crowded, so if you want to move away from the noisy Banje beach this is a good close alternative.

The hotel on the side atop the rocks has a good view of the waters and a nice place to chill.

View from the hotel. Having salted Anchovies
  1. Water: The Water is murky. Not clear.
  2. Sea Bed: Rocky. It is not flat and the rocks are covered with mosses. I was scared to step down as I felt velvety stuff on my legs. If you have snorkeling kit with flippers it is accessible.
  3. Snorkeling:  Not a good beach to Snorkel. The water is murky.

2. Banje beach


It is a beautiful beach in Dubrovnik where you can have the view of the old town. How nice would be having a swim with the view of castles. !😀

A part of the beach is private and a part public. The Banje management charges for using the showers and toilet too (5 Kunas) . The romantic white tents to sit by the beach are also charged. Over here it is better to bring your own towels and sheet to sit on.

It is very touristy here so during peak times its hard to find a place to sit on the beach.

  1. Water: Very clear. You can spot fishes too
  2. Sea bed: Pebbly. No sand hence you wont have the trouble of feeling sandy when you come out (Major problem in Indian beaches). The beach bed is quite deep ~ 6 feet. After a point it is very deep-  Goes to 10 ft. So it is advised to keep kids under supervision
  3. Snorkeling: It is a wonderful beach to Snorkel. Dont expect coral reefs and colorful fishes inside. The water is clear so its good to snorkel and a decent marine life can be  seen.

3.Buza beach

Buza bar is one of the most beautiful bars in Dubrovnik . It is hanged on the cliffs right above the sea, with an amazing  view of the Adriatic.

It is also known as the “hole-in-the-wall” . It is kind of hidden from the touristy locations. When you gaze around the city you will find a board ‘ Cold drinks inside with the best view’. We followed it and ended up here. They serve only drinks. It has a panaromic view of the sea which makes it an ideal place to unwind.

It is perched on a cliff and people can regularly be seen swimming in the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea below.

We heard good reviews of Lapad beach but sadly it was out of town and we did not have time to visit it.

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  1. Chrysoula 1 year ago

    Lovely beaches thanks for the recommendations. I would prefer to go to Banje beach!

  2. Natalia 1 year ago

    I’m more into historical views, thus I would choose Banje beach I guess. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice, Lalitha!

  3. Brianna 1 year ago

    Dubrovnik is high on my wish list precisely for its gorgeous beaches.

  4. Vasu 1 year ago

    The beaches and food look great. We still have to explore that part of the world and we will save this link for recommendations. Thanks.

  5. The Buza Bar is an incredible location! What a dramatic spot to relax and take in the sea views.

  6. Wandering Carol 1 year ago

    I’m with Chrysoula – I think Banje Beach would be my spot, although I’d love to get out and explore the beaches further a field. I’ve only visited Zagreb and Split in Croatia and they were pretty amazing. I’d love to get to Dubrovnik and beyond.

  7. Christina 1 year ago

    Croatia looks like an amazing country. When I visit I definitely want to stop by Dubrovnik. But how to narrow down the beaches? These all look so inviting.

  8. Katie 1 year ago

    Dubrovnik is definitely on my to-do list. I learned during a visit to Crete a few months ago that pebbles instead of sand are a bit tough for my SoCal family to handle. So it’s really good that you mention it here as I’m sure we’re not alone!

  9. Mansoureh 1 year ago

    Lovely beaches. But I love the one has showers and changing rooms. I like the one that we can spot fishes too. 🙂

  10. Punita 1 year ago

    While exploring the old town of Dubrovnik, we went to Buza Bar. It was so mesmerising…the view, and the colors of the sea! Did notice the beach down below, but did not venture.

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