Childhood dreams are fondest memories of our lives. What if you can live them? Treehouses in Kerala offer to fulfil the dream of staying at a home built among trees. This not only lets you experience the bliss of nature but have a thrilling time with your family or loved one away from the hustle-bustle of cities. Mostly, built of natural elements, these lodgings also include the luxuries of the modern world. Although the charm of the treehouses is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, but it is combined with adventure expeditions in the lush forests

Take a look at the list of 10 Tree Houses in Kerala:

Jungle Jive Tree House, Munnar

Located in the premises of 15-acre tea plantation, Jungle Jive Tree House is a family-run cottage in Devagiri, Munnar. The natural bliss of the hill station majorly contributes to making Jungle Jive a preferred holiday getaway. Named among the best tree houses in Kerala, it offers comfortable lodgings surrounded by majestic views of the mountains.

The treehouse has a rustic appeal. Attached bathroom, balcony and basic amenities are provided. Natural light filters through leaves and enters through the windows. Fresh breeze, the calls of birds and the aroma of tea captivates all your senses. Conveniences of the day are not far behind.

Cherished experiences

  • Stay high up in trees, surrounded by greenery.
  • Breathe in the fresh aroma of tea leaves.
  • Hear the bird sing in the early hours, treat your eyes to scenic beauty.
  • Excursions to Munnar and more.

 Dream Catcher Resort, Munnar

Spread over 20 acres, Dream Catcher Resort in Munnar has 4 beautiful tree houses settled in the middle of orange, cardamom, pepper tea and coffee plantations. The private tree houses rise high to about 60 feet from ground level providing the right set up for thrill, bliss and cherished memories.

Enjoying the views of the exotic mountain, tea garden or the mist- draped valleys, the cottages are blessed with fresh air in abundance, sunlight streaming through the leaves and the calls of nature. The facilities of an attached washroom, a balcony and the touch of modern world in this heavenly treehouse. Form mouthwatering delights to pampering spa treatments, you can avail both of these at one place.

Cherished experiences

  • View of tea gardens, coffee plantations and lush hills
  • Tempting aroma of spices
  • Delightful food straight from local farms to kitchen
  • Thrilling expeditions to explore the hill town of Munnar

 Rainforest, Athirapally

Tucked in the lap of nature and truly one of its kind, the Rainforest Tree House is nothing less than spectacular. Enjoy the view of the roaring Athirapally waterfall, one of the highest in India and the dense rainforests of Sholayar. The comfy boutique treehouse only enhances the natural bliss

Covering 7-acres of rainforest, the treehouse’ interiors are air-conditioned with all basic amenities. Food is pleasure on your stay, as you get to enjoy the traditional recipes of tribes in Sholayar forest. Attend cultural tribal performances. Dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant serving global cuisine and traditional local gastronomy. Embark on expeditions for bird watching, spotting wild animals, guided trekking, and more. Even this remote location does not shut out the modern world.

Cherished experiences

  • Watch the Athirappily waterfalls in flow
  • Go trekking or bird watching
  • Pay a visit to the tribal communities settled in the dense Sholayar forests

 Green Ways, Thekkady

Like its name, Green Ways introduce to a green way of life. Located in the green expanse of a coffee plantation near the famous Kuruva Island of Wayanad, the specialty property enjoys natural bliss. The Kabini River flows close by and the view of the meandering river is a beauty to witness.

Built 10 feet above the ground, the treehouse is built of only eco-friendly materials. The 2 bedroom, attached washroom and balcony offers the simple pleasures of life with touch of the modern world. Enjoy the picturesque views, hear the calls of nature and have a thrilling time. Green Ways offer exciting trekking through the jungle and unique terrain of Wayanad. Go fishing at the River Kabini. The touch of modern facilities enhance the bliss.

Cherished experiences

  • Bask in the natural environs of Kuruva Island
  • Attend tribal cultural programmes
  • Learn about the charms of the native villages on relaxing walks

 Holiday Vagamon, Vagamon

Moving on with our list of best Tree Houses in Kerala, Holiday Vagamon offers unrivalled experiences. Located in Western Ghats at the foothills of Vagamon, the beauty is unmatched. Lush tea gardens, rolling hills, mists, rare flora and fauna create a fascinating backdrop. Spread across 5 acres, this resort is an ideal location for honeymoon couples and nature enthusiasts.

Built 20 m from ground level, with eco-friendly materials, the treehouse have all modern amenities for a comfortable stay. A queen-sized bedroom with an attached washroom and the balcony overlooking the breathtaking beauty offer guests a pleasant stay. The exotic resort also Enjoy the resort premises, delicious gastronomy, take a dip in the swimming pool, or indulge in some sports creating some fond memories of your holiday.

Cherished experiences

  • Trekking, jeep safari or cycling through lush meadows
  • Try flying in the skies as you indulge in paragliding
  • Go bird watching or wildlife spotting

Nature Zone Jungle Resort, Munnar

If you are looking for an eco-friendly getaway, Nature Zone Jungle Resort in Munnar truly enjoys 25-acres of blissful environs. Located on the high peak altitude of Lakshmi estate, away from the hustle-bustle of cities, enjoy the serenity that only nature can bless you with.

The Nature Resort specializes in eco-friendly lodgings- tree houses as well as luxury African safari tents. While the tree houses are built on trees, there are equipped with all pleasures. Bedrooms, attached washroom and the balcony offers spectacular views of the valley. Avoiding disturbance in every form, the resort organizes trekking, thrilling sports, barbeque dinners and campfire. If you are searching private time its perfect for honeymoon couples, bird watching, inspiration, solace or a wonderful vacation,  nature lovers and more.

Cherished experiences

  • Trekking, bird watching, picnics in the resort premises
  • Tour of tea plantation
  • Excursion to Munnar, Eravikulam National Park

Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

Snuggled in the huge shelter of a tropical rainforest, the Vythiri Resort is a beautiful retreat in the picturesque environs of Wayanad.  A world of its own, Vythiri is blessed with inhabitants that comprise myriad species of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, flowering plants and butterflies. The resorts’ treehouses lets you observe the magical world and escape the chaos of cities, stressful schedules of daily lives and much more.

Opt to stay in the comfy tree Houses equipped with basic facilities. Indulge in sessions of Yoga and Meditation, cycling, trekking, cooking demo sessions and many more enriching experiences. When the outdoors are so interesting you would not want to stay home but the resort has facilities that even make your stay truly wonderful. Explore Spa, Coffee Shop, Health Centre, Ayurvedic Centre, Kids Park, Game Zone, Swimming Pool etc.

Cherished experiences

  • Vythiri rainforests offering wildlife spotting, bird watching, etc.

Green Magic Resort Treehouse in Wayanad

Claiming to have Asia’s tallest jungle treehouse, Green Magic Resort like its name introduces to the magical properties of greenery. Named among the best treehouse in Kerala, here you can enjoy the combined thrill of adventure with relaxing. Set in the very heart of a tropical rainforest in Kerala, the treehouses are perched at a height of 86 feet. A cane elevator operated by a counter weight of water (water-lift) is set up for easy access to the treehouse.

Eco-friendly and using recycled materials, there are 3 different treehouses in this resort spread across 30 acres of plantation. Designed in a rustic charm with bamboo poles and coir mats, enjoy the fresh air with zero pollution, spectacular species of plants and butterflies, rare birds and ancient trees. Basic amenities, restaurant, indoor games, trekking, bird watching, etc. add to the thrill.

Cherished experiences

  • Staying amid the natural bliss of a tropical rainforest in Kerala
  • Go trekking, bird watching, nature walks, etc.

Ranger Wood Nature Castle in Thekkady

If your idea of a holiday includes wildlife adventure as natural bliss, then Ranger Wood Nature Castle is the right choice for you. Listed as one of the best tree houses in Kerala, the eco-friendly lodging with basic amenities enjoy eye-soothing views of the dense woods of the Periyar reserve forest.

Built on the limbs of giant trees at about 30 feet height, the treehouses are made accessible with sturdy staircases made of bamboo and wood. The view from the treehouse balcony is truly amazing creating memories for a lifetime. Enjoy authentic Kerala food, or try the many activities to do in Thekkady, the treehouse is a perfect respite from cities and grueling schedules.

Cherished experiences

  • Breathtaking view of Thekkady from the treehouse
  • Wildlife spotting and bird watching in Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • Boating in Periyar lake
  • Excursion to plantations in Thekkady

Vanya Tree House, Thekkady

One of the most beautiful treehouses in India, Vanya Tree House offers memories of a lifetime. Surrounded by blissful Periyar River, captivating Idukki hills and rainforests, Vanya stands upto it named. In the local language, it means “the beauty of the forest”

The treehouse is made of eco-friendly materials with all necessary amenities. The balcony presents a panoramic view of surrounding forests, hills and valleys with sighting of wild animals if you are lucky enough. The blissful experience of stay at Vanya Treehouse is enhanced with eating food served in earthen pots and the spoons are made of coconut shells or wood. The treehouse teaches the true way to survive in the nature. A moderate trek or jeep ride brings to the treehouse, which sets up for the natural friendly holiday.

Cherished experiences

  • Trekking and jeep safari in the lush rainforests of Thekkady
  • Learning skills to survive amid nature

Get ready to experience a stay at these charming treehouses, browse though  holiday packages for Kerala or get them customized according to your convenience.

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