Booked your ideal holiday package from Singapore Tour Packages? Ready tovisit Singapore for the first time? You are going to have a great time as you have picked one of the best destinations in the world. The Singaporeans are amazing hosts, and have some unforgettable experiences on offer. However, if you are nervous about your first ever visit to Singapore, here are few things that you can expect. After all, it is better to know about a place so you are ready to enjoy yourself and indulge in life-changing experiences.

Wide Array of Cultures

Singapore was once colonized by the British. This led to many immigrants being brought here for work. But after becoming a free nation, many of these immigrants stayed back. Today, they are natural citizens, and have made their culture a part of this country. All these various cultures live in peace, and have become the major feature of life in Singapore. The various cultures you can find in Singapore are Chinese, Indian, Malaysia, Arab, British, and European. In fact, there are specific areas where people from different communities live. The Chinese people stay in Chinatown, and the Indians stay in Little India, and so on. These places are popular tourist stops. You can also stop here and enjoy these amazing cultures that make Singapore unique.


The streets of Singapore are as clean as a mirror. There are tough laws against littering and Singaporeans strictly follow these laws. Even the tourists who visit are expected to follow these laws. Littering can result in heavy fines, and in some cases even jail. Therefore, it is better to know about these laws, and ensure a clean Singapore. As a first time visitor, be careful about littering, and do not chew gum. Chewing gum is also illegal.

Street Food

Eating street food is an integral part of the whole Singapore experience. Therefore, you should also try it. Yes, there are many world-class restaurants all over Singapore, but eating in the street has its own charm. Also, some of the best food can be found in the hawker stalls. The hawkers have managed to create dishes that incorporate cooking styles and flavours of Singapore’s different cultures. This has resulted in a unique Singaporean cuisine being born that is gathering fame all over the world. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can find it all here. Some tour operators also organize street food tasting tours, such is the popularity. So, as a first time visitor, you must try the food. It is quite hygienic.


Singapore is a shopaholic’s paradise. The city is full of amazing shopping avenues, markets, and malls. However, the best time to shop in Singapore is during the Great Singapore Sale. During this festival, the whole city participates in it, and there are big discounts on all products. From clothes to jewellery to high-end electronics, you can buy it all at an absolute steal. Even after the festival, you can find great bargains all over the city. Chinatown and Little India are good places for bargain shopping. This is not all, there’s more. As a first time shopper, don’t forget to apply for the GST refund. You have to apply for it through the eTRS ticket, and if you spend more than SGD 100, you can get a refund.

Sentosa Island

Considered to be the most entertaining place in Asia, Sentosa Island is something every first time visitor must experience. The island is full of action, adventure and entertainment. You can walk to the island or catch a cable ride from the city. On the island, there is Resorts World Sentosa which is home to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a Hollywood theme park – the first in Asia. Here, you can enjoy thrills and rides based on your favourite Hollywood films. Sentosa Island also has an underwater aquarium, and its beaches are known for their relaxation and entertainment. If you fancy golf, you can also play on the island’s many world-class golf courses. Sentosa Island has many wonderful offerings that will amaze any first time visitor.


If you are visiting Singapore as a part of a tour, your transport needs will be take care by the tour operator, but if you are not with a tour, getting around won’t be difficult at all. The whole country is well-connected by trains, and you can buy a simple guide, or check online for train schedules. Taxis are also quite convenient, but can be a tad expensive. Still, getting around is quite easy.

World-class Attractions

This is what that will surprise you the most as a first time visitor. Singapore has world-class attractions that you must enjoy during your tour. Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Night Safari, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, and many more, you have to see these attractions to truly experience what a world-class destination Singapore truly is.

Choose the best package from the many Singapore Tour Packages before you visit Singapore. Choose the package that will let you experience all of the above. So, get ready for the best vacation of your life.

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