When it comes to holidays – Australia has it all: bustling, multicultural cities brimming with art, culture, and urban experiences, golden beaches of surreal beauty, lush rain forests and harsh deserts. If your wanderlust keeps you restless, then maybe it’s time to get in your car and set off on the adventure of a lifetime: the great Australian road trip. Here are our suggestions for some of the most scenic routes on this gorgeous, mysterious continent.

Best Aussie Holidays: The Most Iconic Road Trips Down UnderAustralian giants: Sydney to Melbourne

With populations of approximately 5 and 4.5 million people respectively, Sydney and Melbourne are the two biggest cities in Australia. The 900 km drive between them also happens to be one of the most popular road trip routes. How could it not be? After all, each of these metropolises is fascinating in its own right, and the drive between them is filled with things to see and do. You will have the opportunity to see kangaroos at Pebbly beach, to swim, snorkel or surf on the gorgeous golden shore, or relax at the myriad of charming coastal towns along the way.

The mysterious heart of the continent: the Red Centre

The Red Centre is, without a doubt, the most iconic landscape in all of Australia. This arid desert is fascinating not only because of its cruel beauty, but also because of the mysteries it holds. The spiritual heart of Australia, the area is sacred to the Aborigines, and is home to the symbol of Australia: Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock. But Uluru is just one of the many wonders of this desert. Leave from Alice Springs down Red Centre Way, and don’t forget to explore Kata Tjuta, Glen Helen Gorge and Kings Canyon.

Discover Greatness at Nullarbor

If you know your Latin, the name Nullarbor can tell you plenty about the place: it translates as “no trees”. And, true to its name, this enormous plain will redefine your notion of size and emptiness. The sheer vastness of the flat terrain is mind-boggling. The route is around 1200 km long, and along the way you can visit the longest golf course in the world. The site not to be missed are the famous Nullarbor cliffs – the formation is the longest in the world, and is an amazing spot for whale-watching.

The edge of the world: the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a trip to be savored and enjoyed – after all, it’s one of the most famous road trip routes in the entire world. It’s no wonder really, as you’d be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous, scenic route. The road itself is a national heritage site – built by surviving soldiers after WWI, in memory of fallen Australians. It winds along the rugged coast, lined with stunning wildlife and picturesque towns. The most famous site along the way are the legendary 12 Apostles, but the whole trip is full of wonders.

Planning ahead

A quick word before you go: Australia is a continent as harsh as it is beautiful, and some areas are rather sparsely populated. Being stranded in the sweltering heat and waiting for help for hours is no fun – trust us. Have your car looked at by a mechanic before you leave, just to make sure everything is in working order. Some of these road trips, depending on the route you choose, can be very isolated. Always have your phone charged, in case you need a tow truck, or mobile car battery replacement.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience that will allow you to discover the real Australia, a road trip is definitely the way to go.

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