This is the site that forced me to visit Bhopal again. Last year in April, I visited Bhopal but somehow my plan to visit Bhimbetka couldn’t get executed. So this time I again planned for Bhopal, keeping Bhimbetka on top priority. Bhimbetka rock Shelters are known worldwide as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unfortunately in India people are not much aware about it.

Bhimbetka rock shelters’ is one of the rarest site across the globe, where one can see the proof of early human settlement. If I say early human that means, it is much older than the settlement of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Even, it is older than the Indian epic Ramayana or Mahabharata. Still name of this site taken from Bhima (Character of Mahabharata) as his sitting place. This very site is spread over a 10 sq. km area and having around 750 such type of rock shelters. Most of these are in the deep forests so for the safely only 15 of them are open to visitors.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Auditorium cave at Bhimbetka rock shelters

Here at Bhimbetka rock shelters, you can easily understand that why nature is biggest architect. Most of these shelters are naturally formed caves and the shapes of these are amazing. It look impossible that any weathering effect can shape these cave like this. Its like nature itself had been planned to setup a colony for them and teach early human to live at one place rather than hunting and moving. Then, these human learnt to settle at one place, they also learnt farming and domesticated the animals. All these things may be understand by looking at the figures drawn of these caves.

Auditorium Cave (Shelter no.-3) is the largest and most significant cave of this group. it look well designed having 8 meter high entrance and 20 meter deep. Some rocks are hollow in between and some projected like umbrella.

Cave Painting at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

There are lots of rock painting in these caves as a proof of early human in this area. These painting are drawn using the colour made from vegetable, herbs and minerals found in the local region. There are numerous painting of animals like elephant, deer, horse, oxen etc. Some paintings depicting hunting of animals, celebration and war. These painting help to understand about their lifestyle.  Archaeological study of these paintings tell that some of them are even 30,000 year old.

Painting of herds of wild animal drawn of “Zoo rock”

Painting of “Boar cave” where a big boar is attacking on human

Some of the cave shelters named according to the painting drawn on them. Like, Zoo rock have a herd of lot of animals like deer, elephants and tigers. One cave named as “Boar Cave” where you see a painting of a big boar attacking human. This is the only painting where any animal attacking on human.

Scene of hunting and a horse

Cave painting showing the war scene

Possibly these cave paintings were drawn for decoration purpose to their respective home (Shelter). And these art have passed through one generation to another and another. Even today, we can see roughly drawn painting of animals, tree or like that on the wall of mud houses in village. We can say that these cave paintings were the ancestors of today’s wall art.

A face can be seen on rock formation

This site is recognized for its cave paintings worldwide but here you can see many rare plants (mostly herbs) and different type of natural rock formation which look like a face or an animal. This site is located on a height so it also provide nice view of surroundings.

Tortoise rock at Bhimbetka rock shelters

How to reach Bhimbetka rock shelters

Nearest International Airport is located in the outskirt of Bhopal and 57 km of Bhimbetka. While from the main city of Bhopal, Bhimbetka s around 45 Km. It is good to hire a cab for both side to visit Bhimbetka and plan your stay at Bhopal (various budget option are there). Charges for the cab will be in between Rs. 1200/- to Rs.1500/- You can also visit Bhojpur Temple in the same trip, which is only 20 Km from the Bhimbetka.

Nearest railway station from Bhimbetka is at Obedullaganj and 8 km away, There are many regular train on this route (Bhopal-Itarasi). An auto can be book from there to visit this site.

Bhimbetka by bus

The main site is 3 km from Bhopal – Hoshangabad highway, so you can board any bus going to Bhopal-Itarasi or Bhopal-Piparia. Bus will drop you on the main highway near “Hotel Highway treat” but there is no transport facility for balance 3 Km. So, if you are ready to walk then its ok, but try it in early morning because this 3 km deserted road do not have any tree and it may be difficult to face the sun in noon.

Ticket charges for visiting Bhimbetka rock shelters

While move towards main site of Bhimbetka rock shelters from highway, you met a check-post. To cross that you have to pay an entry charges depending on your mode of transport because this area fall under Ratapani wildlife sanctuary. Its Rs 25/- if you are on foot or cycle, Rs. 100/- for two wheeler, Rs. 200/- for Auto rickshaw and Rs. 300/- for car.

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