Everyone wants to monetize his/her Social media or blog. One of the most use monetize technique is Advertisement and the best way to get it is Adsense. However not all bloggers are able to get the adsense approval. Further with internet getting more scattered, the revenue from advertisement is reducing. This requires finding the new ways and methods to monetize the blog and social media. One of the way to do is “Sponsored Post”, where you are paid to promote Brand through your blog post and social media.

We have earlier also talked about Sponsored reviews through which one can monetize their blog. In this guide, I will be talking about one more way to get the sponsored content and that is Blogmint.

Blogmint is a one of the well known platform which is connecting brands and bloggers. Best part of this platform is that it can be used not only with blog but also with the Social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Let us now understand how Blogmint works.


The process of Blogmint is very Simple and here are the steps:

1.Vist Blogmint and Click Signup : You can signup with Blogmint using your wordpress, blogspot, youtube or through your mail.


2. Once Signup is done, you need to fill your profile. Our recommendation would  be to fill each and every details as it will help you to get right price and noticed by Brands.


3. Once you have filled your profile, Click Continue and fill the details about your digital property like Facebook Page, Blog details etc.


4. Click Monetize to enable the same and you can put your estimate charge per blog or post.

5. You need to be very careful in adding your charge as too high charge may not fetch you many offers and low charge may lead to under payment. Consider your blog niche, traffic to add the charge.


One of the biggest challenge in Sponsored post is to find the brand and get the approval. With Blogmint, this process becomes easy as you can easily find your niche brands at “Discover Campaign” section. Here you can find the campaign of your niche and apply.


Once the brand approves your application, you can write the blog post for them and send them for their approval.

After the blog post is approved and published on your blog, you get paid as per the price which was negotiated between you and the brand.

Interested in Blogmint? Create a Blogmint account

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  1. Shane 2 years ago

    Ah very cool, this is a new network I hadn’t yet heard of! Signing up for sure!

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