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My Kids Favourite European City – Brussels

By Bon-Bonvoyage
In the past days the news flash on our Amazon Echo has been talking about Brussels. The city is at the highest terror alert after the attacks in Paris. People were advised to stay away from train/bus stations, airports and not to gather around public places.

Things To Do In Brussels, Belgium

By Travel to Blank
The trip from Paris to Brussels was much quicker and cheaper by bus, compared to plane or train. A train would have been faster, but France has ridiculous surcharges for all trains to and from Paris.

Brussels during Carpet of Flowers

By Tapped out Travellers
As the centre of most European Union institutions and headquarters to NATO, Brussels has a very important reputation to uphold.  I have to say, they did not disappoint.

Brussels Europe's Heart

By Blondemoments
brussels is not only the epicenter of european politics and therefore the capital of the european union, it is an amazing city that has an interesting cultural background and some famous “products” that are known worldwide.


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