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8 Great Budapest Sights

By McCool Travel
Following are some Budapest sights we enjoyed, certainly not everything we saw, nor everything Budapest has to offer, nor the “best” Budapest sights. Please enjoy and let me know what are some of your favorite Budapest sights.

Top Things to Do in Budapest by a Local

By Jet-Settera
If you haven’t figured out yet, I am originally from Hungary so it is always a pleasure to come back to my home country, not only to see friends and family but also because Budapest is a truly spectacular city.

What to Do, See and Eat in Budapest, Hungary

By Bel Around the World
Budapest is a capital where you can freely indulge in Michelin-star restaurants, simply because you can. Think 3-course meals for 15€. This Hungarian capital is characteristically intersected by the Danube river, forming the two sides – Buda and Pest.

Budapest – Top 7 things to do

By Couple RTW
You won’t miss it, even if you want it. It’s located in the Pest side in the bank of the Danube and is 268 meters long and 96 meters high in the central dome.

Falling In Love With Budapest

By Gypsy Couple
Budapest is a city that has managed to hang on to its roots while stretching to embrace the modern Western world. You will fall in love with its Old World charm, with its bridges, castles and beautiful ruins. You’ll also like the city for its magnificently smooth public transport system and its welcoming people.

48 Hours In Budapest: The Highlights

By Make time to see the world
Budapest. The ultimate in a tale of two cities: made up of Buda and Pest they are separated by the Danube River to become two contrasting sides of the same coin. Buda is the hilly, historic side of town and home to the castle; Pest is flat and sprawling and home to many of Budapest’s Highlights.  Each side offers something unique for visitors to Hungary’s capital and largest city – and I’m here to give you a run-down of the highlights and my top things to do in 48 hours!

13 FREE Things to Do in Budapest

By Look n walk
Free things to do in Budapest are quite easy to find and they allow to you stretch the budget even further. As you know, Budapest is a city we love and wouldn’t mind even living there. We also travel there as often as we can – at least once a year – and we’ve made a point to do all the FREE things possible pretty much every single time.


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