Australia is not a cheap destination. Moreover, a lot of travelers get discouraged with the prices from the Land Down Under, and not only because the airplane ticket costs a lot. However, it is a fun place and Sydney is definitely a city that you need to visit. Surely, you need to spend some money if you want to have the best possible experience, but if you save up here and there, and redistribute your money for things that you really want, you will be able to have a great time on a budget.

Majestic Greenery in the City


Royal Botanical Garden should definitely be on the list of places you need to visit. The whole idea is to enjoy the lovely specimens that grow all throughout this great garden, while enjoying the unique view on the Harbour. All you need is a picnic blanket and some snacks to get you through the day. The view is magnificent and there is no crowd. Chinese Garden of Friendship will provide you with a unique experience that you will not forget. It is full of hidden paths, gazebos and pavilions that you need to explore. You can also attend a lovely tea ceremony there, while enjoying the carefully maintained plants. Entrance to the Royal Botanical Garden is free, while you will have to pay to enter the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Legendary Beaches and Everyday Life


Surfing culture is a very important part of the Australian culture in general. Everyday life takes place on the beaches, whether you surf, swim, snorkel, bask in the sun or make barbecue. Therefore, to truly breathe in the Australian air, go to the beach. Tamarama, Bondi and Manly are among the most famous ones. If you want a tour of the coast, go for a free Bondi to Coogee walk. Everybody does it because the scenery is wonderful. Moreover, if you are there at the right time, you will attend the free show of the Sculptures by the Sea that gathers all the amazing artists inspired by this place.

Echoes of the History


Remains of the past are still found on the streets of Sydney, especially in the old town. The area that you need to visit is called The Rocks and that is where the first settlement was. The cobblestone streets and the old buildings testify about the Victorian past. You can opt for free tours that occur every day at 6 pm. The walking tours are free, but guides work for tips. You can leave downtown and head to Randwick which hosts a great old horse racing tracks. Also Randwick accommodation will be much cheaper than staying downtown while it will give you a taste of the Australian past. Rustic and Victorian flavours of this place are a treat for every history lover.

Gorgeous Panoramic Views


The same as you can get a lovely view of the Harbour from the Royal Botanical Garden, there are more of these stunning views that do not cost a thing. Bondi to Coogee walk is one of them, but also, you should try and cross the Bridge. There are paid options for adventures that take you bridge climbing, but you can just go for a walk and simply cross the bridge on foot. It won’t cost you a thing and it will give you some unforgettable views of the city. Moreover, you can go to the Harbour and simply wander around the coastline. People watching is the best way to spend some time in Sydney.

Another way to save money is to buy OPAL card for public transportation. It is the cheapest way to get around. Moreover, under certain conditions, after eight rides, the rest of your rides for that week are free. Not to mention that all destinations can be reached for only 2.5 AUD on weekends. If you plan carefully, you can save a small fortune this way.

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  1. Lisa Grabelle 2 years ago

    Awesome pictures! This article made me want to go. The beaches look spectacular. Thanks for so many tips! The Sculptures by the Sea looks amazing.

  2. Amanda 2 years ago

    I would love to go to Sydney but can’t face the long flight so will have to go via a break somewhere else one day as it looks too good to miss. The beaches look stunning and I love a good botanical garden!

  3. Tara 2 years ago

    Great post about Sydney. I’ve always been put of by the prices down under, until I realized you could spend the day outside for free (mostly). I still prefer smaller towns, but the Sydney Harbor is a huge draw, and I love botanical gardens.

  4. Author
    Nicole 2 years ago

    You’re welcome 🙂 Sydney has so much to offer, it’s not even possible to put all of that in one article. You should definitely come visit it and discover some amazing places yourself

  5. Lady 2 years ago
  6. Gorgeous shots! I love Sydney. My sister lived there for about 7 years and I used to visit her every year for my ultimate beach holiday! She lived in Randwick so we’d usually go to Coogee or Bondi. Not far from her place (within walking distance) there was this AMAZING Vietnamese place which did the best chicken noodle soup I have ever tasted…not sure if it’s still there but I’d return just to have that noodle soup!

  7. John 2 years ago

    We have been planning a trip to Australia for some time. The way we are going to fight off some of the expense is a hippie van for 90 days to live and travel in. Sydney will be one of our stops and you gave us some good information. The picture of the sailing ship is great, is it yours?

  8. Gabi 2 years ago

    Australia looks like such a perfect place to get a bit of it all: city life, adventure, incredible beaches and some interesting gourmet tasting experiences I guess. I would love to spend a long month over there, exploring as much as possible on a road trip.

  9. Carmy 2 years ago

    The beach and majestic city is definitely going to be on my bucket list if I go visit!

  10. Rashmi and Chalukya 2 years ago

    Australia is on our Bucket list for a long time now. Lot of our friends have already been and their pictures tempt us to plan a trip soon.

  11. Author
    Nicole 2 years ago

    Thank you so much guys 🙂 I’m glad my article inspired you

  12. I have always wanted to visit Australia! And you’re right, the price has put me off before! I love this list of pocket friendly trips – saving it for later. I WILL go there one day, I WILL!!! haha

  13. Punita 2 years ago

    Your post covers a variety of different ways to experience Sydney. Its a cosmopolitan city with so many layers to its personality. We visited many years back. Time to go back again.

  14. verushka 2 years ago

    Besides the flight prices the long flight from South Africa makes me anxious. Would love to visit the Botanical Gardens looks really beautiful as well see the old buildings down town especially with the victorian touches. Thanks for the OPAL card tip.

  15. Martina 2 years ago

    The photos you took really made me want to jump on a plane and fly to Australia straight away! Plus, with the prices of airplane tickets from Europe being so high, a few tips on budget friendly activities to do when in Sydney are always extremely useful.
    Last year I saw the Royal Gardens on tv while watching an Australian cooking show and I fell in love with them! Those are definitely one of the first things I’d want to see. 🙂

  16. Jenn 2 years ago

    I think what I like the most are the “Legendary Beaches”. I want to move to Australia at some point soon, and I have to say that the beaches are one of the main attraction. For some reason, even though most likely it won’t be cheap, I want to learn how to surf. And where’s better than in the land of the surfers?? Thanks for the compilation of places! I’ll keep them in mind!

  17. Blair Villanueva 2 years ago

    Seeing these beautiful scene and lots of fun things to do, I don’t care anymore if it is expensive or not.. I want to go!

    For Urban Women

  18. Ami 2 years ago

    I love your pictures. The Royal Botanical Garden and the Harbour ones are just gorgeous. They alone, are enough to bring out the wanderlust within you.

  19. Thuymi 2 years ago

    Oh man Australia in general is way too expensive! This is an amazing list for Sydney, I really wish I had more time, but will note for my next visit!

  20. Tae 2 years ago

    Where was this guide a few months ago when I went 😛 I love the ideas — and agree with the beach point. I think taking the bus to the beach is the best thing to do in Sydney on a budget for sure! Great pictures, too!

  21. Joanna 2 years ago

    I would love to visit Sydney one day, I fell in love with the city while watching a tv series about their water police. I am a big fan of hiking, so walking around town or exploring the paths from one beach to another sounds great to me! It’s great to know that you can also cross the bridge on foot.

  22. Subhadrika 2 years ago

    Sydney is definitely on my list but may not be at the very top. Its a beautiful place indeed and i would love to see it someday. But even before Sydney I would want to see Kangaroos and the Opera and then explore the rest of the place.

  23. Tamshuk 2 years ago

    This is such a welcome post considering how people keep saying that Sydney is so expensive. These are some really interesting things to do on a budget. I would spend most of my time at the beaches though.

  24. Shane 2 years ago

    You are so right- I lived my first two years after graduation in Sydney and wow was the cost of living high! Great to find free (or cheap) activities in a destination such as this. Went to the botanic gardens lots but sadly never made it to the Chinese friendship garden (I believe in darling harbour area?)

  25. Ana 2 years ago

    My brother went to Sydney last year and just loved it! Thanks for sharing the great list of things to do out there! Have pinned your post for my reference!

  26. Bella WW 2 years ago

    A long way from Romania to Australia but I still want to visit someday. Royal Botanical Garden looks so beautiful, I love the pagodas.

  27. sophie 2 years ago

    Stunning pictures; wow- those panoramic views over Sydney harbour as well! It sounds like there is so much to see and do in the city- great guide!

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