Not always a Volvo will bring a happy ending on a holiday. Often times local transports, asking for a free car ride and longing for hours for a vehicle to pass by creates the best travel experience. The holiday with my fiancée in the alluring mountains in the Garhwal Himalayan region was one of a kind experience. The local bus journey from New Delhi to Kanatal via Mussoorie was as rough as it was reliving in the alpine climate. The boon was gathering extensive information on Kanatal from the locals who were our fellow passengers.


Image: @Mussoorie before heading for Kanatal

As usual,I was again at her gun point when my fiancée discovered that I have booked for an overnight camping at Kanatal. She pulled the trigger when to my fate she found sand instead of water to use at the toilet. I thought that activities like camping in the Garhwal Himalayan region would surprise her with a unique experience but unfortunately that became a roast over relationship to me. The owner of the camp then referred us to another camp, which was having all such amenities like choice of a washroom over makeshift camping toilet. I was at the receptacle of the rose after reaching The Kanatal Camp Orchids. It was approximately 5 kilometers down towards Dhanaulti from the camp I booked initially. We were lucky to get a car ride with the owner of The Kanatal Camp Orchids itself, which was a bolt out of the blue after longing for two hours to get a lift.


Image: A Selfie with the Owner of The Kanatal Camp Orchids

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Experience @ Kanatal Camp Orchids

Set amidst the fringes of the Kodia forest, The Kanatal Camp Orchids is a haven for a backpacker like me and retreat for a pathfinder like my fiancée. With no extra cost we were in a hideout in the mountains under a thick sheet of mist.


Image: Camping @ The Kanatal Camp Orchids

After a buffet lunch at the camp itself, which was served salubriously with butter roti, kadai paneer, rice, chicken curry and sweet, we headed for a trail inside the Kodia forest. As I was expecting, the uphill was strenuous for my fiancée. The temperature started to droop by the evening and the bonfire and BBQ dinner at the camp lighted up the heat of a lively moment for us with a group of travellers who were staying in the camp.

The next morning, after breakfast, we were onto some adventure activities at The Kanatal Camp Orchids. Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Sky Walk and Zip Lining everything in my wish list wrapped me up with building exciting moments. My fiancée was busy exploring the surroundings, birding and photographing. In the afternoon we took lunch at a local restaurant before renting a car for heading down to Mussoorie.


Image: Rock Climbing and Rappelling @ The Kanatal Camp Orchids

Stopover in Mussoorie

Before boarding the last local bus from Mussoorie to New Delhi, we decided to go for a shopping spree at The Mall Road. It is one of the best places to shop antiques, semi-precious jewelleries, souvenirs, handicrafts and winter garments. I picked up some antiques like a sand clock and travel compass and my fiancée, to no surprise, went on buying jamawar shawls and apparels. The foodie in me couldn’t stop me to step in at the Kalsang Friends Corner, which is one of the best Tibetan restaurants in Mussoorie. We had Chicken Thukpa and Fried Chicken Momos that was more than enough for our journey back to New Delhi.

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  1. You must be had a great time in New Delhi! The photos are stunning so does your story!

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