Cairo the capital of Egypt, situated in the delta of river Nile, it is the largest metropolitan city of Africa. The religion, political and cultural hub of the nation and renowned by the name of “The City of a Thousand Minarates” due to its Islamic architecture. Also it has the most famous Giza Pyramid complex and ancient city of Memphis which is among major Tourist attraction.

Its topography has quite contrast features, like the lush green well irrigated vegetation on the delta region and the desert on the other hand. Tall skyscrapers forming part of the mega city and the Ancient Arab, Roman and Turkish architecture monuments to be the most fascinating area to explore. Cairo has the world’s oldest and largest Arab Film and Music Industries. The backdrop for the city is that it is considered as unsafe for women, so the female traveler needs to be extra cautious and dress on a little conservative side.

It is a great place to visit; but check the weather condition before you plan as it is quite hot and have the desert climate for most part of the year. The best time to visit Cairo is from March to April and October to November, these month have a comfortable climate to visit.

For the reaching Cairo the best means can be taking Flight from Dubai to Cairo. You can also book Dubai to Cairo Flights from the link. You can easily plan for a week trip for Cairo. Places to visit in Cairo is

  1. The Pyramids of Giza : was once, one among the seven wonders of the world, The greatest ancient Egyptian site. You will be surely amazed by the massive structure and great architecture of the pyramid built in the ancient olden days without any technology advancement. Also enjoy the camel ride in the sand dunes.

  1. Great Sphinx of Giza : Iconic Sphinx, perhaps the most enigmatic symbol of Egypt. it is a limestone statue of recycling Sphinx (a Mythological character with the body of lion and head of human facing from west to east). This is really majestic and remarkable piece of history which is still recognizable and famous. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies are shoot here.



  1. Night Nile Cruise : Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the Cruise in the worlds longest river Nile. Also you will relish your taste buds with fine dining experience and enjoy the belly dance night on the Luxurious cruise.



  1. Memphis : The ancient city of Cario, go and relive the history, see the city from Cairo tower also visit the famous temples of the city


  1. Egyptian Museum and Bazaar of Khan el Khalili : don’t miss to see the Egyptian Museum and collect few of the many Egyptian artifacts. Also make sure to stop at the souk, go for shopping for jewelry, Spices and handcrafts and bargain to the maximum extent you can, I am sure you will enjoy.



Cairo is easily accessible for those who are on budget travel, most of your money will be spent in visiting the historic monuments which you cannot miss to visit and if you are a student then you can buy the ISIC student card, where in you can get discount upto 50% in major attractions. The major transport facilities include the public bus and the metro line.  The Cairo Airport shuttle can be the next best cheapest option, the bus station is located in Terminal 1 parking area in the airport.

If you are planning to travel by taxi, then chose the black and white taxi, which does not have meter and you can easily bargain on the fair. Within the city the metro transport is the cheapest and the best, just beware of the pick pocketers.

For food, if you eat where the locals eat then the food is quite inexpensive, prefer the downtown area. There are established restaurant there and also you can prefer eating from the street stalls if you would really like to have what the locals have.

So, I think you should visit Cairo once in lifetime. You will definitely have a great experience.

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