I was yet again on the streets. This time it was in the Cathedral city, Canterbury.

Only if there was anything other than cathedral in this city. But I spent the time listening to one of the busker who happened to come in Canterbury after his tours in different cities of UK. It was a hot, sweaty afternoon but there was something surreal happening in the air. Where was that sound coming from? It was from the road adjacent to the cathedral entrée. Tried ignoring and walking by, since tour buses don’t give me extra time to explore the city. But still the music was so powerful which held me back. I stood there and then I sat to listen the incredible rhythm of cello. Ja, it was a cello. The hot summer afternoon was no hot anymore. Cold breeze started blowing. People passed by with their hair swinging from left to right, seemed like even their hair were enjoying the music. There was some kind of magic when he played. I saw people stopping by to listen his music and fortuitously all the stressed, straight faces became pacified and got glutted with calmness.


Canterbury is a very ancient city, you might have read or heard of Canterbury Tales, its the product of this city.

The cathedral covers the entire city. The walls of the cathedral are made of stones and bulging outwards architecture gives a sacred and secured feeling, saying lets not mess with our  life by climbing those. One of the date on the glass painting (in the slideshow pictures above) shows the real age of it. The windows and doors have not been changed since ages. Everything in this city is old and antique even the lamp posts.

Read it while entering the city and also while leaving! Its from 1849, Charles Dickens. “… a very old house bulging out over the road… leaning forward, trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below…”

The day didn’t end here, I then went to White Cliff of Dover. This was my second time walking through the trails of the white cliff.


For once I even tried to walk along the 10 cm passage holding on the small rocks. I was clinging on the cliff for a minute and then my legs started shaking so badly with fear of falling down 10 meters. The passage was not more than 3 meters but the fear that no ambulance could reach me and I would probably break my legs and arms, hit my head on the cliff rocks, scared my legs. And after all these thoughts I walked back after reaching 1 meter past the cliff. I wanted to mend the trail so badly to reach the sea but didn’t know how. I wanted to swim in the turquoise shining blue sea which was right in front of my eyes but I was so paralyzed.

P.S. — Since I was in a peaceful mode, I forgot to take the picture while he was playing but before he left I met him to admire his choice in music, so he asked me to follow his work on youtube and facebook. Few of the hits which he played were the themes from Game of Thrones, Pirates of Caribbean and many more. He is not a professional busker but he likes playing on street. He wishes to play in big concerts. He is Christian Grosselfinger and he already is an amazing artist for me.

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