CHINA – A country with world’s largest population of around 1.4 billion and 2nd largest state by land area and fourth most visited country in the world! No doubt it has an abundance of tourist attraction from historic ‘The Great Wall of China’ to the Morden Architecture of today’s time, it has it all.

China’s tourism was closed for foreign visitors between 1949-1974 and later in late 1970’s Deng Xiaoping decided to remove this restriction and promote tourism and from then onwards there was no looking back and its tourism increased day by day, leading now becoming 2nd in the world for travel and tourism contribution to GDP in 2014.

The famous and travel Cities are Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Mansarovar, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. For further details China Tour Advisors will be your best Guide about China.

Let me give you an insight into few of the most travelled places of China

1.Hong Kong

“Pearl of the Orient”, the economic hub of the country and the one with Iconic skyline, Delicious seafood cuisine and shopping opportunities to suit all pockets make this one of the most exciting areas in the world to visit and the icing on the cake is that it has Visa on arrival with no Visa fees, Hong Kong is nestled on the eastern region of the Pearl River Delta with the blend of Culture and religion and the protected Nature which thrive rare birds and aquatic species. Underneath its towering glass and Steel skyscrapers lies its Dynamics cultural Landscape from merging its rich English and Chinese heritages – from colonial relics to Buddhist temples at every turn. It’s a territory of contrast.

Not only by food and business it is also adventurous, Most popular and spectacular sports events held here is Horse Racing in famous Happy valley racecourse on Hong Kong island, The Hong Kong Seven, held every March at Hong Kong Stadium, is the world’s leading international rugby sevens tournament, the Hong Kong Dragon boat carnival attracting over 100 teams from about 12 countries. It also hosts the Hong Kong Film festival and literature festivals with attracts great crowd all around the globe.

Hong Kong is shoppers Paradise, when in Hong Kong do not forget to visit shopping districts and areas, like Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. You can pick a lot of stuff from the street market also famously called ‘Ladies market’ and also enjoy bargaining and local street food.

Hong Kong is also famous for its theme park one is the Ocean Park and another in Hong Kong Disneyland which is small but gives you fabulous experience.

The best time to visit is from October to early December as the weather here is sunny, cool and pleasant.

You can also try for boat rides. Best Boat rides options in Hong Kong can be found here.


Also famously known as “ Oyster City”, is the most densely populated city in the world. The Gambling Capital of the World generating highest revenue in the planet with the largest casinos in the world make it more lucrative and amazing nightlife. It is having its own special administrative system apart from that of China. The city is a blend of different cultures mainly influenced by Chinese and Portuguese, as it was Portuguese colony for more than 300 Years, thus having more of them like architecture,  Macau is divided into two part one is the Peninsula mainland and another being the conjoined islands of Taipa, Cotai and Coloane.

The City offers you a great and memorable visit as it offers the old historic monuments to the most happening nightlife with the fascinating Casino. It also gives you experiences to lovely beaches and thrill of world’s highest commercial bungee jump from a height of 764 feet from the top of Macau Tower. The food is also good having more of Sea food in its cuisine.


Never night city or the Paris of East with cosmopolitan atmosphere of life and futuristic skyscrapers and old historic parts of the city all under the roof of one city and claiming to be world’s largest city with the extensive public transport system. It is the most Morden city in the country and also termed as among the world top most expensive city. It is a fast paced city with the youth loving the nightlife of parting and clubbing. The top attraction here is The Bund, Yuyuan Gardens and Bazar, Shanghai Tower- China’s tallest building, Jing a Temple, Huxinting Tea house, Pudong District, etc. The best time to visit Shanghai is From Oct to Nov.


“The Forbidden City” once a forbidden city is now thriving economic hub of the country, which has now become the Political and cultural heart of the country. It has one of the most innovative and jaw dropping buildings like the CCTV building, Galaxy Soho, Olympic stadium, etc, also the historic attraction like Tiananmen Square and Imperial Palace and The Great Wall of China – Seven wonders of the world, an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture its winding path and steep Mountains is very scenic.

No doubt it has ark its presence in the world with its great economic growth in recent past. The city has an extreme climate, the best time to visit is either May or October. Nowadays Beijing is battling with air pollution on a daily basis and the Government is taking various measure for it, but be cautious if you cannot sustain air pollution. Keep Mask handy with you.

Beijing has lively outdoor shopping markets, not to be missed by the traveller famous for fresh water pearl, antiques, silk and much more.

The cuisine is very intimidating and mouth-watering like Peking duck, delicious dumplings and chewy noodles. People here are very much obsessed with food and thus it is the culinary capital of the country.

Lastly, I would like to add is definitely China should be a Part of your bucket list. It is one of the most entertaining and rich experience that one can have with the blend of both Morden and historic places, food and Culture.

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