Think romance think Italy. Italians have gained the reputation of being the most romantic people in the world, which is no surprise considering the romantic towns that make up Italy. Cobbled streets, romantic settings, quaint homes, delicious food, and beautiful people, no wonder most couples dream of Italy romantic vacations. What’s more amazing is that you can get to see these romantic Italian towns on a decent budget. So, get ready with your special someone to visit the most romantic country in the world.


Beautiful colorful image of a canal in Venice with moorings and a Gondola

Arguably the most romantic city in Italy, Venice was designed by the great Renaissance thinker, inventor, artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. As you may know, there are few roads in Venice. The city is built on different channels of waters bodies, lakes, and rivers. So, you have to travel by boats throughout the city, and what’s more romantic than a boat ride. As the sun sets, take a romantic gondola ride through the city with your special someone, and visit places like St. Mark’s Basilica, Murano Glass, Piazza San Marco, and the Grand Canal. You can also indulge in romantic cruises that show you the best of Venice along with lunches and dinners. This historic city is a great place to make romantic memories


Night view at St. Peter's cathedral in Rome, Italy

Continuing our romantic journey, the next stop is Rome. Once, one of the powerful cities in the world during ancient times, Rome today is a city for history buffs and love-struck couples. There’s something about the ancients ruins of the city that give you a feeling of being in a time capsule. And who better to go back in time than your significant other. The city is dotted with beautiful squares and fountains. You can simply sit and while away hours amid such beautiful settings. If you are also interested in history, be sure to check out The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and the palaces. Something you should remember is that Rome is quite popular with tourists, and can be crowded. Also, the heat here can be unbearable. So, choose the right time, when the weather’s pleasant, and crowds less.


Florence,Italy - Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore

The birthplace of the ‘Renaissance’, Florence is a surprise package. Not many know of the amazing wonders it holds within its limits. Yes, there’s art – amazing art that will mesmerize you, and put you in state of wonder. This is the beginning of the romance. You can catch the best paintings, and sculptures in the plethora of museums and galleries. However, if it is only romance that you want to capture, head to bridge on the Arno River. The view is such that you are guaranteed to fall in love all over again. This place alone is the reason why Florence is one of the most romantic towns in Italy. And of course, there’s more to Florence. Fashion, restaurants, honeymoon hotels, you name it, and this urban city has it. It is a great place for a complete vacation full of sightseeing, eating, shopping, and romance.


Milan, Italy

Possibly the most metro of all Italian cities, Milan is an international destination known for its fashion and lifestyle. Yes, this is a busy city, much like New York, but you can find romantic corners in the unlikeliest of places. Milan being such an urban city has many quite cafes tucked away from the hustle and bustle. There are also many hotels that are considered to be the best Italy honeymoon destinations. Milan is the place to live it up. So, you and your special someone can truly indulge yourselves. Catch amazing sights, shop at world famous locations, dine in some of the best restaurants in Europe, Milan is the only city that gives you so many options for indulgence.



Picture this. You are standing with your beloved on a cliff that gives you fabulous views of the ocean, the sea breeze is blowing about, and there’s only the sound of silence. Yes, this can be found only in Positano. The seaside city is located on a cliff overlooking pristine beaches. What’s amazing is that the city is rarely crowded, making it a great escape. There are quiet cafes on the cliff edges, so, you can wine and dine with the most amazing views, and homes to invoke romance, with their vibrant colors. All in all, this small unknown city is probably the most romantic city in Italy. So, make sure it is on your Italy holidays itinerary.

After reading about all these romantic cities, one might wonder about the crazy budget required for a romantic sojourn. However, Italy visa suppliers now ensure you don’t have to spend insane amounts to just take a romantic vacation. Instead, you can save money, and use it to shop and dine in these romantic towns in Italy. Choose the visa suppliers and tour operator, who can deliver maximum hassle-free experiences. Don’t wait up. Surprise your special someone today.

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