UNDERGROUND HOMES??  You will say I have become crazy, who will live in dugouts which are dark and cramped. But let me take you to place in Australia called Coober Pedy where people live in underground homes and place has a number of Heritage site too like Three roomed Dugout and Coober Pedy catholic Church.  Strange right?? I was too surprised to know that. Then I researched about this place and here are some interesting findings:

  • Coober Pedy’s holes were initially dug in search of Opal. Since, the place is located at a very inhospitable environment it was not easy for the labour to live there and thus they found a unique solution for their living. The solution was LIVING UNDERGROUND. People started creating homes at old opal mines or started digging the place to create new structures.
  • First use of dugouts at home was started in 1915 when miners started to living underground to escape the extreme heat in summer and cold in winter.
  • The temperature at the place climbs upto 50 degree Celsius in the day and zero in night.
  • Around 40 people die every year because of the extreme weather conditions.
  • There are around 3500 residents living here today in dugouts and mud caves with all modern equipment and facilities.
  • The 60% of town is built almost 8-10 ft. below the surface of the earth.
  • The place also has underground church, hotels, museums, bar and art galleries.
  • Around 150 years ago the place was part  of ocean but once water was diminished the sandy silica minerals from the seabed flowed into the rocky cracks and later turned into multi-coloured gem stone opals.
  • The place is also home for world’s hottest golf course.
  • The place has also attracted many movie makers. The place has been featured in movies like “Fire in Stone” “Red Planet” etc.
  • Today mining activities are not allowed but the place is open for tourist and people can still live here.



Facts are amazing right?. So here are some snaps of this amazing place:


(Image Source : Wikipedia.org)

DCF 1.0

(Image Source : Wikipedia.org)


(Image Source : Wikipedia.org)


(Image Source : Wikipedia.org)











Want to take a ride of this city. Here you go

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  1. Jamie Italiane 2 years ago

    Interesting read.

  2. mark wyld 2 years ago

    Its looks amazing. wow underground town sounds like something movie studio’s would be interested in. You mentioned golf, do you know cooper Pedy golf course has a relationship with St Andrews in the Uk, the most prestigious golf course in the world. Members of Cooper Pedy golf club can play for free at St Andrews in Scotland.

  3. Corinne 2 years ago

    Coober Pedy is on my list! When we visited Australia the first time, we went into a gem store and saw the CP opals. From that time on I’ve wanted to visit the mines. Neat facts you’ve listed here.

  4. I’ve heard about this place and I bet it’s a fascinating place to go and visit! I don’t blame them for living underground though, 50 degree heat would be completely unbearable. How long were you there for?

  5. Sabine 2 years ago

    It’s amazing how these homes are build. In harsh conditions people become very creative and that’s what has happened here. I’d love to visit those one day and feel the difference in temperature 🙂

  6. Shobha 2 years ago

    so cool! I’ve heard of the salt mine cathedral in Bolivia but didn’t know there were churches from opal mining in Australia.

  7. Oh wow, this is crazy and awesome! I had no idea. What a neat place to see in person.

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