Hello Everybody, this is my first travel blog and i would love to hear your constructive feedback about it. I am a travel enthusiast and like to explore new places, this travel blog is about our journey to all three temples we visited near Bangalore.

Me and my husband always wanted to visit Lepakshi but never executed the plan. One day we were sitting and thinking what should be our next one day trip and both agreed to visit Lepakshi without any doubt. But we do not wanted to visit only Lepakshi temple so accommodated two more temples which falls on the way.

On the day of journey

We started at 6:30 AM from our house in Varthur towards Devanahalli as we wanted to have our breakfast at IPC (Indian Paratha Company)

Indian Paratha Company

As it was early morning and foggy, drive from budigere road to IPC was amazing. After finishing our breakfast, we headed towards our first destination i.e. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. This temple is located at Nandi Village in Chik Ballapur and is one of the oldest temples of Karnataka built in the 9th Century.

8:45AM: Reached Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

This temple has huge premises with well-maintained garden and the corridors are running parallel to the garden. It has vasanth mandap and a Pushkarni (Shringi Thirth) inside the temple. The sculptures and the carvings on the pillars are mesmerizing and a pleasant treat to eyes.

Garden at the main entrance

Vasanth Mandap

Shringi Thirth

Shiva Temple

Main Idol


From here we started our onward journey to Veerabhadra Temple i.e. Lepakshi temple.

10:30 AM: Reached Nandi monolith

Few meters before the main temple, a huge Nandi monolith is sitting across the Veerabhadra Temple, surrounded by a small garden.

Nandi Monolith

Lily Pond in the garden

Just next to this there is an Andhra tourism department hotel where one can stay and eat food.

10:45 AM: Lepakshi Temple (Veerabhadra Temple)

This 16th Century temple is known for its art, architecture and murals of Vijayanagar period. “Le Pakshi” in Telugu means ‘arise bird’, as the legend goes when Lord Ram released Jatayu’s soul from the mortal body, the town came to known as Lepakshi.

This temple has 3 premises, 1st premise consist of main sanctum, Nagalinga, Kalyan Mandap, Shiva Temple and Ganesh idol. The main hall in front of the sanctum has beautiful carvings and murals on the ceiling. One of the pillar of this hall is known as hanging pillar where one can pass a cloth or a paper beneath the pillar.

Main Hall Engraved Pillars


Hanging Pillar


Ganesha Idol

Shiva Temple

Kalyan Mandap

In the 2nd round of the premises, one can see a bigfoot mark, which is believed to be of Sita. We can also see golden pillar which is at the entrance of the main hall, also 2nd premises is surrounded by corridors.


Big Foot  

Golden Pillar

Old Tree in Premises

3rd round consists of a small garden and a small pond.

Small Pond near temple

1:50 PM: Reached Vidurashwatha

We started from Lepakshi and headed towards Vidurashwatha. We took SH9 and road condition was good. It is a small village and as the legend goes, Vidur during Mahabharat time planted an Ashwatha (fig) tree. This is why this place is known as Vidurashwatha.

Presently we can only see ruins of that tree, once you enter into premises we can see arrays of small stones with Nagdevta carved on each stone.

One can also visit a park next to the temple, which is in the memory of freedom struggle of India. This place is also known as “Jallianwala Bagh of the South”. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit this place as it remains closed on Tuesday.

Array of Stones

Naagdevta on stones

Ruins of Tree by Vidur

5:30 PM: Reached home

After finishing our last stop, we headed back to our home, if one wants to have a break then IPC/NH7 Refuel is a good choice for a tea break.

This concludes our memorable Journey.


  • Carry your own food as there is no good restaurant for lunch.
  • Beware of Monkeys.
  • Try to reach Lepakshi temple as early as possible as rocks will be hot in the middle of the day.
  • Take only one-way toll ticket as your return path will be different.
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