Everyone can agree that traveling is great. No matter the reason, it is always fun to take time off and travel abroad and experience new cultures. But the way we travel differs from person to person. Some people prefer to fly solo, while some like a little company along the trip. Some are prone to adventures while others prefer relaxing on their holiday. If you are making travel plans with someone, it’s best to be compatible. So here are different types of travelers you might have to plan your holiday with.

Different Types of TravelersBackpackers

Easily recognizable for their backpack, this type of travelers likes to travel light. They are usually characterized as spontaneous and make plans in a matter of seconds. They like to be seen as free spirited and refuse to be held back by any convention. Backpackers won’t hesitate to enjoy an adventure. While some have problems hitchhiking they will gladly put their thumbs up and jump on the first truck that stops. They like experiencing new cultures, trying out new cuisine and everything they need fits in their backpack.

Party Travelers

Most commonly seen travelling in groups, these people go wherever the party is. Their whole holiday is planned as a one big party. If they heard of a city with great nightlife, they are bound to visit it sooner or later. Party travelers are on a quest to find best clubs and compete who can drink the most. They will grab a beer at any time of the day, after all it is five o’clock somewhere in the world.

Different Types of TravelersLuxurious Travelers

This is a person who prefers carrying their possessions in a Louis Vuitton suitcase than a backpack. Spontaneous is not their kind of game, they like everything to be planned and without any surprises. Luxurious travelers like to be taken from airport directly to their five star hotel. Fast food and famous local places are not their thing either, they prefer to splurge in a fancy restaurant. They don’t hesitate to spend extra money to treat themselves to first class tickets, private cars for sightseeing and similar stuff others would consider overdoing it.

Different Types of TravelersFree Spirited Travelers

People who enjoy exploring new destinations and cities, they will fully immerse themselves in their vacation. Always spontaneous, up for any idea that comes to mind. Their whole vacation probably started after they saw a used caravans for sale sign, and they never looked back. They don’t like making plans, which opens up new opportunities for them. This type of traveler enjoys new cultures and trying out new cuisine. Nothing on their vacation seems like a hassle to them; in the end, they usually end up having the most fun since they enjoy everything so much.

Different Types of TravelersNature Travelers

The purpose of their vacation is to be in nature and as far away from the city as possible. They feel uplifted while enjoying the view of a valley or a hike through the woods. These nature lovers prefer sleeping outdoors in a tent more than in a comfortable hotel room. They don’t let bad weather ruin their plans; some rain might make their outing even more enjoyable for them. Most of their time is spent relaxing by a campfire, or walking up the mountain and taking in the amazing view.

Everybody likes to travel on their own terms. Perhaps you like to be spontaneous and your fellow travelers prefer to have everything planned to a t. If you are planning a trip with a friend or two, it might be best if all of you were on the same page as far as travelling goes.

image credit: pixabay.com

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  1. Hra 2 years ago

    i am a luxurious travel i think 🙂 great post !!

    • Hra 2 years ago


  2. Kirsty 2 years ago

    I’m trying to work out which traveller I am as I like to stay in 5 star hotels but I certainly don’t have LV luggage and I’m also quite spontaneous… maybe I’m a hybrid!

  3. Brian 2 years ago

    I would be the free spirited traveler. I would not think a luxury traveler would eat street food and ride the public bus. Never flew 1st class lol!

  4. Sara Broers 2 years ago

    Wow… I’m not sure which one of these I am. I do love nature, but I do love running water and a nice cozy bed. I’m free spirited as I love traveling without a strict itinerary, but I’m not open to eating slimy things. Great post!

  5. Global Brunch 2 years ago

    It’s so true, it’s well worth knowing what type of traveler your travel partner is before planning a trip. Sometimes it helps to make compromises that both (or all in case of a group) are happy with. Although the bigger the group the harder it will be to find common group if people have quite varied tastes.

  6. Stephanie Craig 2 years ago

    I’d probably fall between free spirit and luxury travel. Fun post!

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