Oh yes, it’s that time of the year! When the families get together in front of the Christmas tree, when the snow is sparkling, and when we wish joy and happiness to all the people around the world. There is no better way to indulge into this magnificent season than heading out to a special heavenly location for Christmas. Nowadays, you can experience a unique holiday tradition almost anywhere in the world. And the best thing is that many places offer an abundance of fun activities for all families. Let’s have a look!

Rovaniemi, Finland

Located close to the Arctic circle, Rovaniemi is also known as an unofficial gate to Finnish Lapland. And for anybody who dreams of a perfect winter wonderland, Lapland is the closest winter fairytale miracle that you can experience. Also known as the hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is covered with snow and frost during the winter, allowing children to completely enjoy in snow games and activities such as riding with deer and snowball safaris. What the little ones will especially love is the chance to visit Santa Claus’s village and its post, so they can leave a letter for him. There is also something interesting for parents as well, you can drink hot mulled wine on the Christmas market, visit some of the exclusive winter museums or go on a breathtaking Northern lights tour.  

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Even though the capital of Prague is one of the most visited central European destinations during winter months, the true winter paradise is actually in Cesky Krumlov. Located in the heart of entire Europe, this calm, the friendly and medieval city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Since it is surrounded by rivers and stone streets, the traditional Christmas market is tucked in the historical town centre. The market is fully open for 38 days and there you can drink hot cocoa or punch, taste Christmas cookies and listen to beautiful Czech Christmas carols. As a family, you can also experience many other festive events like going to the theatre, listening to poetry or music. This unforgettable winter city will certainly charm you, so don’t forget to take a camera.


This South American country knows exactly how to celebrate this joyful season. Chilean families have a tradition to celebrate “La Noche Buena” or the Christmas Eve, where they get together and feast on a turkey dinner. Their Christmas affairs are usually spiritual so you should visit some of the Chilean numerous churches and say a prayer. Even if you can’t experience true white Christmas everywhere, you can hop up to the Andes and have a blast. Chile has fantastic ski resorts, Portillo being one of the most famous, where an average annual snowfall is 7.4 meters, giving your family the opportunity to try out many winter sports. From skiing and snowboarding through spectacular long groomed ski terrains, to hiking around this mesmerizing resort, it will leave you breathless. What is more, you will experience family friendliness in all the restaurants and cafes since many locals speak English, and have a chance to try delicious foods and specialties such as “pan de Pascua” with cinnamon and nutmeg flavours. Additionally, don’t miss out the classical Chilean holiday drink or “borgona” which is a mixture of red wine and strawberry.

Lake Luise, Alberta, Canada

Actually, the whole Canada has marvellous winter sights and it is absolutely difficult to simply pick one. However, for the perfect Christmas family getaway, Lake Luise has it all. Located in the heart of historic Banff National Park in Alberta, you can find a majestic snow tour in every region. Next, to other sites, Lake Luise has fantastic ski terrain suitable for veteran and professional grown-ups, to classes for toddlers learning how to ski and snowboard. Not only that, but your kids can join some of the ski or snowboarding clubs, share experience and even learn some challenging tricks. The picture-perfect winter wonderland wouldn’t be complete without extracurricular activities. Go sightseeing with Gondola, try off-country skiing trails and visit the Sunny Tube Park, situated just little off the mountain.

Big White, British Columbia, Canada

Another Canadian winter ski gem that offers unique ski-in and ski-out accommodation for families. To speak clearly, whenever you go to this vast country, you will be able to find great ski locations, but Big White is a true fairytale delight. Located just 56 kilometres outside Kelowna it has astonishing 2, 765 acres of skiable terrain. You can spend an awesome Christmas with your family at any of its luscious hotels and all-inclusive resorts, but this place is not meant to be spent inside. Next to skiing on some of its 27 trails, you can also try out the thrilling night skiing that starts at sunset and where you pass through many electric lights placed along the trail due to visibility. The Big White is definitely all about snow, so the youngsters will extremely enjoy making a snowman and doing various winter activities with supervision, so you wouldn’t have to worry about their safety.

Colmar, France

A French town in the Alsace region bordering Germany offers a one-of-a-kind serene and dreamy winter atmosphere. It is mostly famous for wine, but during December it offers much more and it is absolutely gorgeous. Some visitors say that it turns into Hollywood glamour during winter days because it is stunningly decorated with romantic lighting. Nevertheless, this small French town has not one, nor two, but five winter markets. They are placed along the narrow streets in which you can see ancient houses decorated with festive garlands. You can stroll next to 60 winter stalls filled with local food and produce, and try incredible Christmas theme chocolate. Plus, fairy lights cover the trees in the square, the Christmas music is played in the background and an enormous Christmas tree is in the centre of all the happenings. Perfection! Due to its winter magic, Colmar is a place more aimed for families who wish to taste something new and extravagant but still have a tranquil and carefree holiday.

Having fun in the snow is all that youngsters strive for. If you happen to combine picture-perfect destination with entertaining winter hustle, then you will have a true fairytale Christmas.

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