Hey People,

Today I am going to share something very amazing with you….

Something that is very beautiful,

Very romantic, gorgeous

Very unique and only one of its kind in the world………………………..

Come on , let me revile the suspense….

I am talking about;

The Floating Village – Bokod, Hungary

You will be really love this place as this whole village literally float on the lake Bokodi. To the northwest of the Hungarian capital of Budapest lies the village of Bokod in Komárom-Esztergom county. Where you will really feel that you have entered a world of fairy tale as it is too beautiful and elegant to believe that such place can really exist.

The Floating Village is connected with the mainland by skeletal walkways which makes it more romantic to walk up with your beloved, hand in hand. At present there are around 2000 inhabitants in this village

Although the village is located in an extreme cold climate yet its water does not freezes  throughout the year.

Here are some beautiful pics…… check  out your self

Floating Village2

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com

Floating Village3

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com

Floating Village4

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com

Floating Village5

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com

Floating Village

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com

Floating Village1

Image Source : DailyNewshungry.com


Are you ready to visit this village and take some awesome video and pohots??


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  1. Piyush 12 months ago

    Amazing clicks mate.
    I’m planning to go Euro next year around September (2017), with my wife.
    Can you help me with:
    1) minimum liquid cash in bank account.
    2) affordable stay options in prague, austria & hungary.
    3) tips tp save money once within the country
    4) a rough itinerary for 7 days.
    Thanks a ton

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