To own our home is the one dream which all of us have but few of us are only able to fulfill it. In the today’s world where the prices of real estate is rising like anything, to have our own land and home has become a distant reality.

But wait!! there are few countries which have plenty of land available and that too in the exotic places which are available to you for free of cost, but of-course subject to some terms and conditions.

So let’s have a look to those places. May be some of them can fulfill your dream to own your own house!!

1. Marne, Lowa

With a small population of 149, this city is trying to expand its population by offering plots for free of cost. To get the deal, all you need to make sure that house which you build is of minimum 1200 sq. ft. Of course the house will be build on your own expense but land will be provided free. One can visit their website to get more details.

Marne, Lowa

2. Marquette, Kansas

The community of Marquette, Kansas is offering free building plots to interested families who are looking for an extraordinary small town, in the heart of America, to call home.With a motto to provide affordable and comfortable lifestyle, community of Marquette, Kansas is inviting people to build their own home. They have some conditions like timeline within which the construction should be completed, however I think its a best offer one can think of in the real estate. You can visit their website for more information.

Marquette, Kansas

3. Alaska, USA

Rough terrain and poor soil quality is always been a problem for Alaska. But the place is good to have a recreational life away from the fast-paced and hectic city life. Department of Natural Resource in Alaska, thus have come up with the offer to provide free land which can be used to build a recreational homes. I think this is the best place for those who wish to get a place that will help you keep your anonymity, and let you heal.


4. Muskegon, Michigan

Most of the place which we talked about above are providing free lands to increase their population, however Muskegon aim is to create more industry and with this vision they have launched “Muskegon 25” under which people can claim industrial land for free. They have some condition like number of jobs industry should create etc. I think this is nice opportunity for all the businessmen to not only start their business in new place but also expand it !!

Muskegon, Michigan

5. Beatrice, Nebraska

Beatrice had lot of barren land which is lying idle. With an aim to clear all this land, they have come with offer of free land with one simple condition that occupant has to occupy the land for minimum 5 years. With the hope to clear up the land, they also wish to generate tax and utility fee to get this city up and running.

Beatrice, Nebraska

6. Camden, Maine

Another place which is offering free land not to increase population but to increase the job opportunities. They are offering industrial land to any business which promise to generate minimum 24 jobs. Whether it is biotech, information technology or financial services, any business can take this offer up. However, film industry and green businesses seem to be their personal favorite.

Camden, Maine


So which place out of above you are looking to settle down?? Mention in the comment section !!


Story and Image source : Scoopwhoop
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