“On this eve of friendship day let’s make that one common friend that will be with us forever and sharing the joy of Travelling by giving us free stay at different location of country….”

And that Friend is “Treebo

Let’s be “Friends of Treebo”


Friends of Treebo is an initiative taken by Treebo group of hotels where you can register by giving a simple registration test and then You will become the hotel quality auditor for them. Wherein, you have to provide the feedback on the overall quality and service of their hotels and in return you will be provided two free nights at any of its properties for every successful audit.

Believe me, as I am sharing my personal experience!!!

Treebo came to me as fairy god mother to Cinderella and fulfilled my wish of sneaking out of the house and travelling!!

It was impossible for me to plan a trip in the month End as my pocket was Empty and bank balance alarming me to watch out! But, I badly wanted to visit Mysore as I could not make it last month also. So, I started searching for some budget hotel and finally my eyes got stuck at Treebo and its unique concept. Immediately I registered for myself and became its friend.

And this friend proved its friendship by coming to my rescue and helped me save my Hotel expense which composes the biggest chunk among all my travelling expense. Indeed I enjoyed my stay at Treebo as they gave the best of facilities available.  I was astonished hearing about its growth journey which started with very few Hotels and now has achieved the mile stone of 100 Hotels all around the country…. Keep growing my friend – “Treebo”.


After reading the above story, you will be thinking why they are asking us to do the audits??? And giving the superb offer of free stay???

It is because; the Hotel Brand is attempting to motivate people to get more reviews and feedback about their quality and services. Thus we get a free stay and they get a feedback to measure the Quality of their services and understanding the expectation of their general prospective customers.

Hence, a win-win situation for both!!

Let’s hear what the founders of Treebo say about “Friends of Treebo. “

“Friends of Treebo  is a tech-enabled initiative which will allow us to use the power and reach of communities in maintaining quality even in a large and fragmented network of hotels. This is a classic example of how young ventures like ours can use technology and innovation to solve conventionally unsolvable problems in an effective manner.  This initiative doesn’t replace our in-house quality assurance infrastructure which continues to be important, rather it supplements it. The feedback from these audits has been very helpful in us being able to maintain the quality of service that Treebo is known for.”

At last but not the Least,

For “Friends of Treebo”

“We are all Travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is a Friend which is always with us”

To know more details visit Friends of Treebo


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  1. Naomi 1 year ago

    sounds like an awesome deal, who wouldn’t want friends like this?

  2. Christine K 1 year ago

    Very creative and interesting way to earn free nights. Love it. Thanks for the post.

  3. Becky 1 year ago

    I thought I’d heard of all money-saving travel tips, but this one is 100% unique. Thanks for passing along the information.

  4. Cathy 1 year ago

    Interesting concept, I’ll have to look into this more:)

  5. Marteen 1 year ago

    I love this idea!

  6. Cathy 1 year ago

    Looking forward to learning more about this.

  7. mark 1 year ago

    anytime you can score a free stay for giving a review which adds value to their product is a win, win situation

  8. Anita 1 year ago

    Interesting concept, detailed explanation. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Eulanda 1 year ago

    Nice way to provide incentives for feedback! Looked at some of their properties on the website. They have a lovely range.

  10. Cristal Dyer 1 year ago

    Sounds great. What an amazing deal! I’ll have to remember this for the next time I visit India.

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