If you are creating boundaries for yourself, you are under utilizing your capabilities. If you have never stepped out of your comfort zone, you may lead a comfortable life but there is more probability you will miss millions of opportunities waiting

for you just outside that zone and maybe that will not only make you comfortable but also happy. It is not about competing with your rival or matching the capabilities of the person you are admiring, it is about crossing that barracks of your mind to experience something more ecstatic and more heart-warming. Ask a simple question to yourself before going to sleep that what have you have done today that made you different

from others and why God will bless you with the opportunity when there are millions in the queue. If you can find the answer consecutively for one week, you are among the top ten percent of your age group

who is actually living his/her life and not just surviving it.

Of course there is risk when you are plunging into something unknown, but only with great risks comes great rewards. Many speakers have already suggested to push your limits but to push them, we actually have to know where they exist, the ultimate point that will break us to an irreparable damage. The feeling of breaking yourself will help you overcome the fear of crossing that imaginary boundary.

It is never an all or nothing approach it is about a set of progressive tasks you undertook to build increased risk tolerance and skillsets that will push the past incremental limitations.

Hope is the ultimate word for breaking the shackles. You need to perceive the rewards or upsides of breaking that limit which will convince you to work even harder each day.

Reading up to you all must be thinking there is no mention of travel here but travel is all about the above combined as someone said “Don’t follow someone, go on a path which never have been travelled and leave a trail.”

Travel is the courage to understand your capabilities. It is not about showing others but about feeling that pride when you stand in front of mirrors. No matter how much you see the pictures on the internet believe me the camera can never do justice to the feeling and colors when you stand there in the middle of nowhere to imbibe it.

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