If you are a blogger, most important concern for your is the loading time of your blog. Generally, most of the blog loads fast in the desktop but the problem comes in mobile. The loading time of the blog will not be so good if your blog is not mobile optimised. If this is the case, you mat loose traffic to your blog. If your blog is on WordPress then you can use many available plugins to make your blog mobile friendly. There are many other options also which not makes your blog mobile optimised but also improve the search ranking like Google AMP.

In today’s post, we will talk about another such feature brought by Facebook which is known as the Facebook Instant article.

Facebook Instant Article is a feature by facebook which will help you to increase the blog performance for your mobile users. Once, installed for your blog, your readers can see a small icon on your facebook post representing it as an Instant Artice and it will open within seconds.

This is how Facebook Instant Article post look like:



How to Setup Facebook Instant Article

Setting up Facebook Instant Article is very easy and once done it may take 1-2 days for approval from facebook. Once it is approved, your all post over facebook will be converted into Instant articles and it will enrich your user experience.


Step 1: Login to your facebook Account & go to your Instant Article signup page.

Step 2: Select the page which you would like to use for the Instant Articles & Click on “Enable Instant Articles”

Step 3: Claim your URL. Before you install the facebook Instant articles for your blog, you need to claim your URL. This can be done as below:

a) Click on “Connect your site” and this will give you one Meta Tag which you need to add to your website <head> tag. You can do the same by editing your header.php file or you can user plugin like Header & Footer to do the same.

b) Once done, click on “Claim URL” and you will see a success message.

Step 4: Add RSS Feed.  The next step is to add your blog RSS feed to the Instant article configuration in the RSS feed section. The RSS feed for the Instant Articles will be https://www.yourblogname.com/feed/instant-articles. Once done, click save.

Step 5: Once all this is done, we will now configure the blog for Instant articles using FB Instant Article WordPress Plugin.

In order to use this plugin, you need to input the Facebook App ID and App Secret. For this, you need to create a Facebook app which is pretty easy. The steps are as below:

a) Go to your Facebook Developer account

b) Click on the New App

c) On the Pop-up select Website

d) Give the name of the App and click Next.

e) Give the blog URL and click Next. Once done, you can see your App ID & App Secret.

f) Make your App live before you proceed.


Step 6: Now you can install Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin. The configuration is as below:

a) Once the plugin is installed, provide the App ID and App Secret. Click Next

b) You will see an option to log in to facebook. Click on the same validate your login & select your Facebook page from the drop-down.

Once done, the Plugin is configured you need to submit your articles for review to Facebook.

Step 7: You need to submit at least 5 articles for review to facebook. Your old articles will not automatically be converted into the facebook Instant articles. One option is to write new 10 articles and once done you can submit it for review. But that will take some time. The easy way is to edit and update your old 10 articles (You don’t need to edit it, just go into edit mode and click update on post).

Once that is done, you will be able to submit your articles for review.

Once approved you can see facebook post on your page as Instant Articles.

Step 8: Click on enable auto-publishing from the RSS feed.

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