Here, I was sharing my experience of one day visit to Hampi. Myself and my colleague planned to go Hampi from Hyderabad. We have booked our to and fro train tickets. On Saturday night we took Kacheguda — Yeshwantpur express to reach Hospete JN[Karnataka]. If two or three people went for trip, then it should be better to take an auto for sightseeing. They will charge up-to 700-1000rs. We have refreshed in a hotel nearby railway station. If you want to take a holy dip in Tungabhadra, then go with it. After completed the breakfast, we have started our trip with Famous Virupaksha Temple.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 1/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

1. Virupaksha Temple:  The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Virupaksha and it was prime priligrimage centre in the heart of Hampi. In front of the temple main gopuram, you’ll find 1KM street with shops on either sides of the road. During the reign of Vijayanagara empire, this street was famous for Gold and diamonds trading.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 2/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

After the temple visit, we have decided to go either side of the Tungabhadra river where we have couple of temples and Anegundi fort. If you’re going for one day trip, it is better to visit either side of the river. Take a boat to cross the river and hire a bike [they will charge 200rs/bike additional charge for fuel].

 2. Once you crossed the river, we can find few places like Anegundi Fort, Anjanadri Temple on Hill Top, Durga Temple and Pampasarovar.
Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 3/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Anjanadri is hill top temple, people need to climb a hill of 600 steps to see the lord Hanuman. From that hill top, we can see panoramic view of Hampi.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 4/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Anjanadri Hill

Anegundi Fort: This fort was built by the Krishnadevaraya for the inhabitants from different places who came for the artisan works in and around Hampi. There are couple of places to visit around this Anegundi fort, like Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Tomb of Krishnadevaraya and Chintamani, where Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Sugreeva planned to rescue Seetha from Ravana. There is a reservoir on this side as well which would be best spot for photo shoot.

3. After we’re done with sightseeing on either side of the Hampi, we have planned to visit temples around Virupaksha temple, there are few Jain temple [Hemakunta Group of Temples], Kadalekalu Ganesha which was a 23ft of monolithic statue[Eka Sila Vigraham],Sasivekalu Ganesha, another monolithic statue and Sunset point.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 5/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Hemakunta Temples

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 6/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Kadalekalu Ganesha

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 7/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Hemakunta Temples

   Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 8/16 by Prakash Nadikoti       

4.We took our vehicle and visited below places.

Ugra Narasimha Statue and Badavalinga which were exists side by side and both are monolithic sculptures.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 9/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Ugra Narasimha

Krishna Temple which was ruined by the kings of other dynasty and Underground Shiva temple.

Kings palace, Mahanavami Dibba[where the celebrations of Dasara used to happen], Step well, Lotus Mahal[Queens Palace], Elephants Stable and Hazara Rama Temple.

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 10/16 by Prakash Nadikoti
Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 11/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Elephants Stable

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 12/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Lotus Mahal

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 13/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Hazara Rama Temple

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 14/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

Step Well

5. As we’re running out of time, we have planned to visit Vittala Temple[Allowed till 05:15 PM]. There were cabs to go the temple complex, which they will charge 40 rs/head [to and fro]. Vijaya Vittala temple complex where you will find temple with musical pillars and a monolithic structure [Ekasila Ratham].

Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 15/16 by Prakash Nadikoti
Photos of Hampi - City of Glory 16/16 by Prakash Nadikoti

One Entrance ticket enough to visit Elephants Stable, Lotus Mahal and Vittala Temple.

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  1. Marian Mitchell 1 year ago

    Looks like a fantastic day trip!

  2. Ashley Voicu 1 year ago

    These are very historical places. The kind of places I like to visit when traveling.

  3. Holly 1 year ago

    Wow, what a beautiful trip it must have been! India has such a rich culture, I can’t wait to plan my trip some day!

  4. Emma 1 year ago

    The temples and statues are so beautiful and intricate – really fascinating! Looks like a very spiritual place to visit

  5. Vyjay 1 year ago

    Hampi is a beautiful window that lets you have a peek into a glorious chapter in history. I have visited Hampi a number of times, but am so enthralled by it that i want to return again and again.

  6. Beautiful. I love looking at the temples. i woul love to have photos on those. India is really a great place to visit. i miss being there.

  7. Amy 1 year ago

    Great pictures! When reading travel blogs the pictures do it justice! So good job there, kept me wanting to read more!

  8. Ritika Chakrabarty 1 year ago

    Wow! Those photographs are beautiful. It’s making me want to run away from the Canadian Cold and go on vacation!

  9. Gokul Raj 1 year ago

    I have always been planning a trip to Hampi. It looks like a one day trip from Bangalore. This place has so much history.

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