Wingardium Leviosa…..
Expecto Patronum…..
The famous and my favorite spells of Harry potter…

Hogwarts Express….

It was a dream to experience all these and Finally the dream has come true through the Harry Potter festival at Chestnut Hill College on October 21 and 22.

So you can board the Hogwarts Express to get there!!!


It is a Harry potter themed event where you can wear the Hogwarts uniform and experience the sorting ceremony and can also play Quidditch matches…


Wow!! it will actually be happening!!! and I am not Kidding!!!

The college has an eerie which resembles the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry…


The SEPTA Chestnut Hill West regional rail line will be having a makeover into the Hogwarts Express and you will also find the look alike of the famous characters of Harry potter welcoming you and greeting you (including our beloved Harry, Hermione and Ron ).

Have a look at the video which will surely amaze you..


There will be opportunities to take potions and Defense against the Dark Arts classes, a Sorting Hat demonstration, wizard chess, viewing of the second and third film and much more.

Defense against Dark arts Classes


The Harry Potter Pub Crawl returns for another year of butterbeer and drink specials. Costumes are highly encouraged. Pub crawl tickets will go on sale on September 28


So get ready for the spell binding weekend and enjoy the Wizardly brew!!!


To know more about it please follow the below link:

Click Here

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  1. shayne 1 year ago

    Would love to attend this festival! LOOKS A LOT OF FUN!

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