Travel, in my opinion, is one of the most important things anyone can do. There is no better way to learn about the planet, the local communities and different ways of life, but also grow as an individual, all while seeing beautiful sights. There are many reasons for travel, to learn and experiences other cultures, to find great places to party. For me, being able to take part in different activates as I explore other countries always leaves a lasting and memorable impression in my mind.

Two of my favourite things to do while travelling is hiking and scuba diving (in fact, I travelled to Thailand just to learn how to dive!).

Hiking Through Thailand and Vietnam

Hiking has got to be one of my favourite things to do while travelling, whether in my own backyard or in a foreign country. The not just amazing scenery, think rolling green rice terraces, but it’s also a great way to get a tiny insight into local life in the area.

Thailand is well known for its pristine waters, but there are many great hiking opportunities that give unbeatable views. Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail is one such hike, that is well worth the sometimes challenging trail. Only around half an hour from Krabi is the beginning of the trail that is also known as the Dragon Crest Trail. This stunning trek has been on my list of must do’s for quite a while ever since I saw the stunning views from the top of the mountain. Even though I chose an incredibly overcast and hazy day, I wasn’t disappointed at all!


Other parts of Southeast Asia are also well known for incredible hiking. SaPa is a northern town in Vietnam and lives up to its reputation of amazing hiking. While inside the town itself, you might think this is some sort of tourist trap, but it’s outside in the green hills of rice terraces that the beauty is found. One of my favourite experiences of all of Asia is an overnight trek into the remote villages around SaPa. While exhaustion set in and my feet ached, the beauty of the area and friendly locals made the experience unforgettable. Learning about the many tribes that call the areas around SaPa home was also an amazing insight into northern Vietnam.

Learning to Scuba Dive in Thailand is a One Of A Kind Experience

Diving is something that words cannot really do the feeling justice. My first breaths underwater were exhilarating, yet terrifying at the same time. It feels unnatural to be able to spend anywhere up to 60 minutes below the water’s surface. However, the whole experience is addictive. On top of that, the integration with marine life is second to none.

Koh Tao is one island in Thailand that is extremely well known for its diving. It is one of the cheapest places in the entire world to complete many courses. Being so cost-effective doesn’t diminish the pristine waters and thriving marine life.

However, it wasn’t until I visited Phi Phi Island that I truly found my love for being submerged up to 30 meters deep in the ocean. Descending into the darker waters as light begins to filter out is a feeling like no other. Many creatures are so comfortable with you, that they can get quite close. If you have ever thought of giving diving a go, I would highly suggest it. I guarantee it will change the way you view the oceans and all those who call it home.

There are many reasons why people love to travel, and for most the list could go on and on. Each country is unique from one to another and offers many lessons that come in many different forms. In the end, anyone who travels will most likely be exposed to many new ways of life that I think are the best ways to learn. I have plenty of reasons why I travel, hiking and diving are just two activities that make travelling my favourite thing to do. What makes travel fulfilling for you?

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