Holi celebration– in the plain while Traveling ?? Sounds crazy right?  But its true…. On Tuesday, Spice jet crew members celebrated Holi in flight before take off

This took the passengers by surprise as when they boarded the flight they had no idea that a big and amazing Holi celebration was awaiting for them.  The crew members of the Spice jet airline organized a dance on some of the Famous Bollywood songs to celebrate the festivals of color, with a message of playing dry Holi (i.e… Holi without water). They took an encouraging steps to spread a message of playing Eco-friendly Holi.

I Hope You will also appreciate this amazing Holi celebration video by spice jet crew members…. Enjoy and Happy Holi !!

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  1. Annemarie 2 years ago

    Wow, this is unique. I love that the airline did this. It makes it more fun and personal! Way to go!

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