In today’s time, Accommodation expenses forms a large chunk of total travelling budget and if we can avoid this cost that means with same budget we can travel more or stay longer in our favorite destination… sound wow!!!

Swap House…. or Home exchange is the latest travelling and accommodation means which came up in the last decade. It is a method wherein two parties agree to swap their homes for a period of time without any money exchange. i.e. a kind of a Barter system. You get a home away from home. Internet has also help boost this concept a lot as it is easier for both the parties to interact and also check the home before swapping.

You get a home away from home…. i.e “You stay in my house while I stay in yours” 

Staying in hotel or any other accommodation cannot give you the comfort of house. So why not stay at house when you have the choice to do so. It not only saves money but also gives you an enriching experience of the authentic lifestyle of different cities.

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Now you got to know about the concept. Let me tell you how it works:

  1. Sign up: Register yourself with the website providing you the service of Home Swap.
  2. Create a listing: Create the listing of the house you want to swap
  3. Searching: Start searching for the location you want to move and check out the houses you want to swap with.
  4. Receiving and Sending inquiries: Members can exchange messages without revealing any personal details until they are ready to share them.
  5. Getting Acquainted: Once they feel that they are ready to share their personal details they can interact using mails, exchanges photographs and other details and thus get acquainted with each other as nobody would like to exchange their house with stranger.
  6. Etiquette during the exchange: Once the houses are swap it is expected with both parties to treat it as their own house and take care of it. Many specific houses will have rules predefined before swap and the rest depends upon mutual understanding.

If you are the person who always wants to be live in the comfort of home even while travelling, home swap is the best available option for you. It will not only be cost effective way of travelling, but will also let you have a cultural experience of the different place.

Once such website that helps you to swap houses in countries across the world is House swap and Hospitality Service

This website not only gives you house swapping options but also provides hospitality services across the globe.

Wanna swap your House… please log on to House Swap site or House Swap in UK

Note : This is a sponsored post but views are our own
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