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Captivating Iceland

By Avid Travellers
Iceland – a fascinating place, stunning to see in pictures and once you reach there; the lava fields, glacial valleys and ancient folklore of Iceland never fail to captivate. A country with immense natural beauty and can be visited over and over again.

The Ultimate 5 Day Iceland Road Trip Itinerary

By Follow me Away
If taking an epic Iceland road trip is on your bucket list, you are not alone! These days it seems like everyone is suiting up, packing their photography gear, flying on a budget airline or with a stopover, and visiting the Land

The Blue Lagoon Iceland – Reviews, Info, Practical Tips (esp. about hair)

By ZigZag on Earth
The Blue Lagoon Iceland is the most famous attraction in Iceland even though Nature there is majestic. This article will give you facts and reviews to help you decide if you want to visit. And if you do I am sharing some practical tips to take care of your hair and what to do if you do not want to pay for entry.

7 thing to do in reykjavik

By What’s Katie doing
This famous church (as shown in the main picture) is in the centre of Reykjavik and on a hill. This means it’s one of the main landmarks for orientating yourself when walking around.

Iceland In 48 Hours: Making The Most Of Your Stopover

By The fly away Girl
Iceland – the land of ice and fire – is an incredibly beautiful country and has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years (no doubt helped a fair amount by its use as a location for filming in Game of Thrones).


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