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A tale of two continents

By Our Itchy Travel Feet
Istanbul – a beautiful city which is spread over two continents.. Asia and Europe. You can get to see mixed cultures with a lot of history. This blog is about all the places to see in Istanbul and also nearby day trips

Discovering Istanbul’s Fascinating History

By Jet-Settera
My Korean classmate and I hopped on a plane to Turkey because we wanted to explore this beautiful country. My classmate DH turned out to be the one of the nicest and smartest and most resourceful travel partners I have ever traveled with.

Top 10 MUST-SEES in Istanbul, Turkey

By Bel Around the World
Turkey holds a special place in my heart, because of the generous hospitality that the locals offer, despite me being a stranger in this foreign land . It lends itself a distinct character because of its heavy Islamic influence, which is probably the very reason why a Euro-trip will not be complete without visiting Turkey.


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