We have heard people travelling from one place to another but in this case ‘Jhal Muri’ the street food of Kolkata have travelled all around and reached the streets of london. British chef Angus Denoon Is So Obsessed With Jhal Muri, He’s Selling It All Over…

He had made this famous all over the streets of london and people over their is loving it a lot. Denoon has put up a desi style of stall named it as ‘Every body loves Jhal Mudi Express’ on London’s Portobelle Road.

His customers loves his style of peparing it using the Typical Indian style of preparing it. His chaat captures the streetfood spirit; freestyling, applying andaz, ever-evolving. Signature jhal muri is shaken into newspaper cones. After the great success of Jhal Muri the chef is so inspired that he has created his own variations of the snack. Inspired by ‘chatpata’ success, he’s now serving ghooghni chat, gupchup, dhokla and even lassi.

Here are some photos and tweets from his twitter account:

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  1. Jen Morrow 2 years ago

    Indian cuisine is so popular in London, no surprise this was such a big hit!

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