Who don’t like Pizza. I guess it is the most liked food by most of us. Infact for me this is the best food which I like during my travel journeys 🙂

Now, just imagine a pizza which is 6082 ft long in front of you !! What would be your reaction?? I was shocked when I heard it and immediately checked the internet to find out about it. And to my surprise I found that a team of 100 chefs from Naples, Italy has made a 6082 ft long pizza which is running from US Consulate (Repubblica Square) to Castel dell’Ovo along the picturesque bay of the Caracciolo’s seafront.  And imagine what, this pizza was made in just 11 hrs. This has also been recorded in the Guinness books of world record.

The recipe for record-breaking success included 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese and 200 litres of olive oil – all of which was sourced from local suppliers in the Campania region, ‘the home of pizza’.
Here are some images for you !!
Longest Pizza


Story and Image source : Guinnessworldrecords

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  1. Michele Peterson 3 years ago

    That looks like a great event for foodies! Delicious looking pizza too!

  2. Natalie 2 years ago

    How is the longest pizza made? Cooked in pieces and then stuck together? I bet they had a massive party afterwards to eat it! The kids would love, LOVE something like this!! Would love to see something like this in person one day. Either way…would love some pizza from the Pizza home of the world!!

  3. Katie 2 years ago

    This is incredible! How on earth did they cook it?!?!!?

  4. Naomi Liz 2 years ago

    That’s incredible! And looks delicious. Do you know if they had a big party for people to eat it once they were done?

  5. Brian 2 years ago

    The one day I was in Naples, I didn’t eat pizza. Wish I was there for this!

  6. Sutee 2 years ago

    Wow, that must’ve been an amazing event to witness.

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