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Madrid in Travel

By Emma Eats & Explores
Wow, so I’ve just come back from an amazing 3 days in Madrid with my mum to celebrate our birthdays, and what an amazing trip we had.  Perfect weather, lots of walking, sightseeing, fabulous food, amazing wine and a few special treats for my mum thrown in made sure that we had a fantastic time.

Eating at a food market in Madrid

By Luca travels around
Madrid is the Spanish capital, a city almost built on purpose to say “Hey, I’m your capital, kneel before me.” Practically in the middle of Spain, it’s in the perfect place to be… well, the capital of the country, since if you want to go to the sea, no matter the direction you take, it takes hours to reach it.

A Weekend in Madrid

By Seeking the Spanish Sun
This is my go-to itinerary for what to see during a 2-day break or a weekend in Madrid. We’ve had lots of friends and family visit Madrid since we moved here. So, I’ve been busy acting as a local guide, showing visitors around the city, giving them a taste of Spain while keeping everyone entertained.


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