The Real Life stunning and beautiful locations of Games of Thrones

October 11, 2016

Most of us would have seen the very famous TV series Games of Throne which is based on the books of George R.R Martin. The series is well known for its gory death scenes, violence and bloodbaths, however the real life locations where these scenes have been shot are very much peaceful and beautiful on the contrary.  Here are some of […]

15 Photos that will remind you of your Childhood Train Journeys

September 5, 2016

Childhood memories are the one which always makes us laugh and takes away all the tension and pressure of the life. One such memory is about train journey. There used to be lot of questions and confusions but all used to be fun. Paper Boat has again made those wonderful memory live with their new campaign. Here are some of […]

Bengaluru will get India’s First Disneyland !! The wait will soon be over

August 28, 2016

Everyone in India has a dream to visit to the magical land of Disney once in a life but it was not possible for everyone now to travel abroad and meet their faviourite Disney Characters. But there is a good news now for all of you : ” Disneyland will be opened in India soon and that too in Namma […]

Udaipur…City of Lakes !!

August 9, 2016

Udaipur also know as city of lakes is one of the most romantic place of India. Situated in Western India, in Rajasthan, the city is a perfect mixture of culture, history and tradition. Established in 1559 by Maharaja Udai Sing, the city is a perfect example for the some of the brilliant architectures in India. I visited Udaipur in the month […]

The 15 best cities in Europe according to travelers

July 7, 2016

Europe is one of the best place in the world to travel and enjoy your vacation to the maximum extent. With so many places to see, so much diversity to experience and lot of adventures, Europe is always a first choice for many of the travelers. If you ask me, friendly speaking I am always confused on what to see […]

Longest Pizza of the world !!

May 26, 2016

Who don’t like Pizza. I guess it is the most liked food by most of us. Infact for me this is the best food which I like during my travel journeys 🙂 Now, just imagine a pizza which is 6082 ft long in front of you !! What would be your reaction?? I was shocked when I heard it and […]

Top 10 Tourist attraction in India as per Trip Advisor

May 21, 2016

Trip Advisor has recently released its top 10 tourist attraction in India in its Travelers’ Choice Awards for Landmarks. The list was determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for landmarks worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period. As it was expected by many of the India followers of Trip Advisor, Taj Mahal gets […]

15 Amazing place on earth which seems to from Fairy Tale

May 14, 2016

As I walk across the earth, thousands of things I get to see. Birds fly high, soaring higher, and on the flowers I hear the buzz of bees. The sun at the dawn, rises within the hills. Mountains covered with snow, shining like the crown of silver. And the waves touching the cliffs. The waterfall flowing down the green-blue mountains. […]

4 Best Place in India which you should travel with your friends !!

April 29, 2016

Everyone in the world like to have a vacation but what makes vacation memorable and best is the company of friends. That is why someone has rightly said if there’s anything that’s better than a vacation, it’s a vacation with friends. Recently, Wudstay an online accommodation booking company has conducted a survey with  20,000 travelers comprising of both female and […]

Mercedes-Benz designed new luxury Yacht !!

April 25, 2016

In the era of this highly competitive world all the major companies are trying to do something out of box and innovative. In this regard the new name is Mercedes-Benz, which has started trying in its hand in the field of luxury yacht. Mercedes has recently launched its first luxury yacht and calls it as ” Silver Arrow of the […]

Luxury Trains in the world which will make vacation more memorable

April 14, 2016

Train journey may have become old nowdays, but one thing you have to agree that the love, romance, fun which we get in train travelling is the best and we always miss it while travelling in other modes of transportation. Now imagine what will be your journey be like in a train with all luxury of the world, and taking you […]


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