A travelers Kitchen, The word Meraaki means Doing something with soul and creativity, or love and this perfectly stands for this restaurant. As the food served here is not just satisfying your taste buds but also your soul.

Jaipur is Famous for its tourism and now Meraaki Kitchen is becoming a famous attraction for tourist. It’s a traveler’s kitchen as it brings the taste all around the world in your plate with a surprising twist in each of its recipe. So hold on your seat tight to explore and experience an adventurous ride for your tongue, from veg sushi from the Japan to Burger from the America, you will find it all here.

We recently visited Jaipur and got opportunity to be at Meraaki Kitchen, which is a vegetarian restaurant founded by Ms. Shivika Kothari an entrepreneur and Ms. Neha Shah, who is one among the finalist of Master chef India and no doubt that she has shown the same talent and master chef experience in the menu by giving an extraordinary twist to the ordinary recipe which enhances the taste and presentation many fold times.

Meraaki Kitchen has an excellent outdoor and indoor interiors, lovely environment surrounded with lush green trees is a peaceful place to be with family. It has a banquet hall which can accommodate nearly a crowd of 100 that can serve for various occasions like Birthday Bash, Anniversary celebration, kitty party, etc. It also has varied seating arrangements giving the guest an option to choose one of the many ambiences suiting their mood.

We decided to choose the indoor seating arrangement near the bar, which was quite warm and has contemporary look with walls inlayed with beautiful artifact and soothing soft songs enhancing the ambience.

We were offered a menu which was recently rejuvenated with some new and interesting recipes and to begin with, we started with appetizer, Pallet cleanser, Rose syrup engulfed in a balloon which cleanses the taste buds and Prepare your taste buds for the upcoming feast.

Here are few examples of the amazing delicacies we tried out of menu

The next came the starters,  Biryani Arancni with Vadapaw Sliders.

Biryani Arancni was to my surprise was a crunchy ball having stuffing of Biryani, this hard and soft combination was just amazing and the best part was that the taste of Biryani was very authentic and its typical aroma spread across as we started breaking the outer layer of the crispy ball. The Vadapaw slider also has a different twist as it more or less has a burger look and tasted nice.

Followed this by Tempra Crunchi Sushi, This was the first time I saw and tasted vegetarian Sushi and trust me it was really good!!

Palak Patta Sev Puri,  just like the extraordinary name the taste and look was very extraordinary, who would have imagine sev puri with base of brittle Palak leaf instead or regular puri enhanced and inspired by the shape of taco which was very mouth watering.

How could I forget the Oreo shake and fruit puch!! It was a regular one but presented very nicely.


After this we had Dimsums or Momos served in a bamboo box. It was really delicious and have a different touch from regular momos due to its unique stuffing. This was one of my favorite starter which I had in Merakki Kitchen after Palak Patta sev Puri.

After having delicious momos, we had starter platter which include Hara bara Kebab, Panner Tikka, Dabhi Kebab etc. At first glance, I though it would be of regular taste which we get in any other restaurant but here too Meraaki has given its unique touch which increased the taste of this starters manifold!!

Then we had main course with comprised of curry with two in one gravy of different variety accompanied by cur curi naan followed by Rice and dal completed our meal.

Last but not the least was dessert, Melting Chocolate Ball served with hot caramel sauce, which was ultimate and amazing watching the ball melt by hot caramel and revealing brownie with Ice-cream in it was mouth watering, It tasted heavenly and has now become my one of the favorite dessert!!! Check out the video below, I am sure, you will be tempted to have it.



Not only the food and the ambience but the staff is quite friendly and polite. lastly I would describe the overall experience as “Fabulous place, fabulous food and fabulous ambience”

Meraaki Kitchen is one of the best place in Jaipur with its impeccable service and quality

Address: Meraaki Kitchen, 27, Madrampura, Ajmer Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006

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