We all at once in our life feels that we should not be caged in our hometown but; be with different people at different places with different culture and explore everything, every nooks and crannies of this world. and this feeling of our does not last long…

But their is some one for who this feeling has never evaporated from her heart and Soul and this Miss traveller is very close to setting a new world record of
travelling the highest no of countries and set ahead to complete 196 countries and you will not at all belive that she is just 27….

By this time I have created a lot of suspense for you… and its my pleasure to introduce you to Miss Traveller, Cassie DePecol – The fastest person to travel all 196 countries in less than 3 years 3 months.



Cassie DePecol

At a very small age of 19 she plunged into the world of eco tourism and At 24 years old, Cassie had traveled to over 24 countries primarily on her own with little money to spare. She had worked her way through her travels by sweeping floors, serving tables and planting seeds. and now she is traveling as a ‘Global Citizen’ and IIPT Peace Ambassador while advocating World Peace to Skal leaders and students. She is the first documented women to travel all the Sovereign nation.


Most Importantly she is promoting peace and sustainability through Tourism. and this is what The most unique thing about her that she has added a social cause to her passion of travelling.


I wish best of luck to Cassie for her Future…. Happy Travelling and Exploring….


You can find more about her at http://cassiedepecol.com/ abd https://expedition196.com/the-expedition/

Here is one of her video sharing here experience

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  1. It is always impressive when someone are able to visit all the countries in the world. Luckily for the rest of us, we still have a lot of new countries to visit. 🙂

  2. Karyn L. 12 months ago

    Lovely story about a beautiful girl with a bad case of wanderlust and how she followed her dream!

  3. Emily 12 months ago

    She is inspirational! I wonder how long she spends in each country on average?

  4. Indrani 12 months ago

    This is really inspiring!
    I was intending to read more about her and glad found her here.

  5. neha 12 months ago

    Hats off to people like her who travel and serve a cause as well, along with the travel . I wish she receives success in her noble endeavours

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