This destination had been on my radar since almost 4 years. I had always visualized myself lying down on that endless white carpet of salt – under the blanket of silver stars and moon, making the entire place sparkle with magic. The wish came true when I visited the Great Rann of Kutch early this year. We visited the place on a full moon night – when the silver light was at it’s peak. And while there’s the more popular entrance to Great Rann of Kutch, we went to the lesser explored part of the expanse (of course you have to tread carefully as it’s full of quicksand that can sink your feet up to the knees).

We (me and friends from this group called Mumbai Travelers) were the only group present in that patch of the white salt desert. We lay down, facing the sky, enjoying the cold breeze on our bodies as the silver sheen of the powerful moon illuminated the salt crystals around us. We lay in peace – thinking this is how being on the moon would look like (if not feel like). Apart from the Rann, we explored many a known villages to understand the intricate arts of this region. The more harsh the land, the more vibrant and colorful was their art. Whether it was laakh art made out of a rubbery substance found in the trees, or narona art made out of paints from Castor oil, it was purely magical and amazing to see them create various artistic pieces.

And last but not the least, the stay at the amazing eco-friendly Shaam-e-Sarhad resort was nothing less than pure bliss. The people and the food in the region of Kutch will never fail to delight you. The food is not to be confused with Gujarati food. This is spicy and different! People here have learnt to embrace calamities and hostilities and they ensure the hostility never affects their hosts.

For everyone in India and even those planning to visit India – you must most certainly visit the moon and back – through the Great Rann of Kutch. And whilst you do, don’t forget to visit the pristine beach at Mandvi and the royal Vijay Vilas palace among other places well. Click below for more pictures and further details of this magical experience.

Click the link below to get the more details on the trip.

To the moon and back – Rann of Kutch



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  1. ADAM DOOLITTLE 11 months ago

    What a unique spot. Glad that after 4 years you were able to get there. There’s no greater feeling that finally being able to cross a desired destination off of your list.

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      Yeah totally! And internationally the next on my wishlist is african safari 😀 I hope that comes true soon!

  2. Thirty30Courtney 11 months ago

    Quicksand? No thank you! lol I would love to visit India one day if I could find somebody to go with me. I’m sure it would end up being the trip of a lifetime.

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      It would be! And you should come! And be prepared for the good and bad both 🙂 But an experience of a lifetime

  3. This really looks amazing, and for someone that hasn’t yet been to India not what I expected (or haver read ever!)

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      hahaha. I know. India has been mostly seen as snake charmer’s land with poverty all around. But honestly a lot of these so called seemingly poor are very satisfied with their lives – especially in places like Gujarat 🙂 And Rann is the arid desert that hosts happiness.

  4. neha 11 months ago

    I badly wanted to visit Kutch during the Rann festival this year but somehow it didn’t happen. Now, your post is like my teaser 🙂 I will definitely make it here next year, and that also on a full moon night

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      Yeah you totally should. And go to the non-crowded part else you’ll feel like you are at Juhu beach. And have the local food there, its awesome!

  5. Lena 11 months ago

    I have never heard of it this place, thanks for sharing! I had been at salt farm in France once and it was super interesting.. but being in a salt desert must be so different. Are they harvesting the salt there or is it not safe to eat? Btw it took me a good minute to figure out the first picture with the christmas setting from your blog with the snowflakes.. It looks great with the first picture

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      Thanks a lot Lena :)They do harvest salt in Kutch but the one in the pic is not edible. Its a vast endless expanse that is nor managed nor inhibited by anyone 🙂

  6. Sandy N Vyjay 11 months ago

    Kutch is a wonderful place to visit in India. The white desert looks amazing during winters.
    You can explore the Gujrati culture here. Glad to know you had a great time here.

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      Thanks Sandy. Yes Gujarat has a very rich culture! Its amazing

  7. This reminded me of the salt flats in Utah that we visited couple years ago. It really looks like snow. And based on your pictures, a visit at night time would come highly recommended. We only visited during the day but still thought that it was an amazing experience. Great post!

    • Author
      drashti buch 11 months ago

      Hey Paula! Salt flats at Utah are on my wishlist as well 🙂 This is a trailer to that one if I may say. But yes, the beauty is in the full moon night, the vast arid place and the colorful contrasting existence of the culture 🙂 You should visit here! And enjoy the local food, culture, shopping apart from the white desert! 🙂

  8. Claire Summers 11 months ago

    I have never heard of this before. It looks incredible and I’m adding it to the list (that keeps growing!) of places I need to go in India. Pinned it for later! The place you stayed also looks great, loving all the textiles.

  9. Bruce Schinkel 11 months ago

    What an awesome experience, thanks for sharing it! I’ve definitely added this to my travel list 🙂

  10. Katie Featherstone 11 months ago

    Sounds like a very interesting adventure. Great photos!

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