If you are fond of green meadows, lush conical forest and Icecap Mountains then this place is definitely for you. Himalayas, the youngest Mountain ranges which increase its height by one cm every year due to the movement of tectonics plates, Mount Everest the highest peak of the world with the height of 8848 mtrs above sea level, situated in the lapse of Himalayas in Nepal and India are the most thrilling in the world and the beauty of it is mesmerizing. Just imagine yourself on the highest mountain of the world (Mount Everest) and the view from it will surely amaze you and let me warn you!!! It can also numb your senses. But this Divinestar view and exceptional experience is not easy as it seems. You will have to trek for this!!


We all know, Trekking is the synonym for adventure, Hiking, Travel, Sport and what not. It not only refresh your mind but also body and it gives you the adrenal rush and the kick to restart with new energy. Mountain trekking is not for those who have weak heart. It requires lot of courage and also physical core strength.

There are various types of trekking done in the mountain ranges. And the most common type of trekking is the Base camp Trek as it not at all risky and also you can enjoy it will your family including your kids. This type of trekking involves walking not climbing but still not preferable for weekend walkers. The Mt Everest base camp trek begins with Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and last for 20 days. This 20 days expedition will provide you the view of the most spectacular mountain ranges, ridges, valleys and also you will be learning about the culture and Tradition of the localities, Sherpa. During the trek you will find many companion and friends as many as 40000 people annually have been doing the trek for Mt Everest base camp. The best time to go for this is between March to May and September to December. Porter facility is readily available which will also guide you throughout and familiarize you with the local culture with Do’s and Don’ts.

everest-trekking-4The glimpse of the highest peak of the world it itself breath-taking and worth going for. This experience is not too far away from you, all you have to do is to log on to Everest base camp trek and book your trek. Mojhi is the complete guide and facilitator. So, Hurry up book your trek and get the early bird discount!!!

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