Last month, I traveled to Israel with my Grandpa. He always wanted to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to witness the location where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Finally, we were there to fulfill his wish and to add one more trip to my list.

I have my DSLR camera, my compact binoculars, and my headphones with me on this trip. We visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea. I loved all the places.


The city of old Jerusalem is an ancient city. You can feel the perfect blend of the faiths including Christians, Jewish, and Muslims. It is the holiest place to Jews for their pilgrimage.

We also put our prayers on the Wailing Wall. It is believed to be a place where you can have a direct line to heaven. After that, we reached our destination, the Church. It was located in a stunning location. My Grandpa felt satiated and decided to rest in the hotel room while I jumped towards the Dome of the Rock Mosque. My DSLR never gets satiated. The views of the dome from my compact binoculars were worth seeing.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a party town. I loved the place, the energy, and the beaches. It is one of the most vibrant western cities on my list. The city offers sandy Mediterranean beaches with amazing nightlife and delicious food.

We started the second day of our trip at Café Nimrod on the port.

You can definitely fall in love with the breakfast they serve. After that, we explore the old city of Jaffa. We tasted the dried fruit and nuts in the famous tourist’s marketplace of Shuk HaCarmel. I also bought nice jewelry for my sweet mom. I miss a lot of other places and the Ilana Gur Museum, due to lack of time.

Dead Sea

The third day of our trip is reserved for the Ein Bobek Beach to float in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a landlocked salt lake between Israel and Jordan. The sea has one-third of salt content in it, so it is easy to float on it.

We treated ourselves with the black mud. It was an amazing experience floating in the super salty water. You dare not miss your pair of compact binocular to that beach. It was an incredible experience. I enjoyed the company of my camera and my compact binoculars the most in the lovely locations of the city.

I went for a Spa treatment with the mud. I take a fresh water shower after that. There are many hotels and shops nearby.

It is indeed a beautiful trip. A city that is important to all Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is a blend of peace and disputes. The next morning, we got up and starting off early to get our flight back home. The experience is really nice, I surely want more. If you have any plans to visit Israel, don’t miss the chance to be a part of annual Bird festival. You will surely enjoy the bird watching with the help of your compact binoculars.

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